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NEW ITEMS: General, Minnesota, Missouri, Kentucky, Native American, New Hampshire, Wash. D. C.
Gen. Guides The Source, A Guidebook of American Genealogy, ed. By Arlene Eakle and Johni Cerny, Ancestry Publishing Co., 1984. Excellent condition, indexed, 786 pp. [5-2-19] Hdbk/Oversize Free w/purchase
General The United States Census Compendium, a Directory of Census Records, Tax Lists, Poll Lists, Petitions, Directories, etc. compiled by John “D” Stemmons, Everton Publishers, Inc. 1970. Spiral binding. Good condition. 143 pp.[5-2-19] Sfbk 5.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) American Chronicle: Six Decades in American Life, 1920-1980, by Lois Gordon and Alan Gordon, 1987. Each year outlined with photos and facts of events and popular culture. Oversized format, 565 pp. VG condition. [3-23] Sfbk 7.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Genealogical Research Methods and Sources, Vol.. 1, by the American Society of Genealogists, editor, Milton Rubincam, Washington D. C. 1960.  Articles by Jacobus, materials for research, Regional Genealogy: New England, New York New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware,, Maryland, Virginia, Carolinas, Georgia, Westward expansion, Canada; Pre-American Ancestry: Feudal, Royal & Noble, Europe. Special: Heraldry, Law, Surnames. 456 pp. Out of date, but still useful for research directions which could be googled.  VG condition.

Hdbk 18.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Genealogical Research, Vol. 2, by the American Society of Genealogists, editor Kenn Stryker-Rodda, Washington D. C., 1971. Focus on Regional Genealogy: Migrations to NW Territory, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kentucky Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi; Special studies: Ontario, Huguenot Migrations, Jewish Migrations. Out of date, but still useful for research directions which could be googled.  319 pp. VG condition.

Hdbk 8.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) A Hand-Book of Mottoes borne by the Nobility, Gentry, Cities, Public Companies, etc. (the phrases seen on coats-of-arms etc.) by C. N. Elvin, M. A., 1860; reprinted by Clearfield Company,  1963.  Useful reference translating the mottoes and giving some background.  Indexed, 294 pp. Owner name writ on inside cover. Hdbk 15.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Harbottle’s Dictionary of Battles, 3rd Edition,, revised by George Bruce, 1981. Indexed, 303 pp. VG condition. Brief historical summary of the event.  Cover shows wear but text in good shape Sfbk 5.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

The Hereditary Register of the United States of America, 1972.  Library card pocket.  A prestigious printing of genealogical or hereditary societies in the U.S. such as the D.A.R. etc. with membership requirements and short biographies of officers. Ribbon bookmark. 474 pp.  Google current info.  Excellent condition. [3-23]

Hdbk 10.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Genetic Connections: a Guide to documenting your Individual and Family Health History, by Danette L. Nelson-Anderson & Cynthia V. Waters, 1998. Magazine format. Sfbk 5.00
Migration West: VA & Carolinas

WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Gone to Georgia: Jackson & Gwinnett Counties and their Neighbors in the Western Migration, compiled by William C. Stewart, Wash DC, 1965. Special Publication of the National Genealogical Society, No. 30. Library tags, Indexed, 325 pp.

Sfbk 30.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

The Lure and Lore of Limestone County [Alabama], by Robert S. Gamble, 1978. Land and architecture focus but with associated family info. Photos. Oversized; indexed, 268pp. Library tags, but text in VG condition. [4-23]

Hdbk 50.00
  Handy Guide to Austrian Genealogical Records, by Dagmar Senekovic, Everton Publishers, Inc., 1979. Excellent condition; 97 pp., [4-19] Sfbk 10.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) History of the Donner Party: A Tragedy of the Sierra, by C. F. McGlashan, 13th ed., 1922.  Paper has yellowed, but book is in VG condition. 261 pp. Hdbk 12.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

In Search of your Canadian Roots, by Angus Baxter, 1989. Indexed 350 pp. VG condition.

Sfbk 5.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Index to the 1871 Census of Ontario, Haldimand-Norfolk, Ontario Genealogical Society, 1988. 257pp. Copies of microfilm data giving basic info. VG condition.  [4-23]

Sfbk 10.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Ontario People: 1796-1803, transcribed and annotated by E. Keith Fitzgerald, 1993. Indexed 250pp. Excellent condition. [4-23]

Sfbk 20.00
NEW!  Colonial America
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

The Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants to the American Colonies or the United States, Gary Boyd Roberts [inscription signed by author] Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1993. Indexed, 622 pp.; some check marks and notes [useful!] but text in good order. Folded corners. Otherwise good condition. [3-23]

Hdbk 50.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

The Royal Descents of 600 Immigrants to the American Colonies or the United States, Gary Boyd Roberts,  Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1993. 2nd printing with 2006 Addendum & Coda, 2006. Indexed, 861pp. Some check marks and folded corners. Otherwise good condition. [3-23]

Hdbk 100.00
sale pdg

Twenty-six Great Migration Colonists to New England & Their Origins, John Brooks Threlfall, 1993. Interior glued binding has loosened and some pages separated, although all seem to be here. Map also tucked in. 365 pp. Illustrated. Looks to be a good source. [3-23]

Sfbk 15.00
  Connecticut Genealogical Resources including selected bibliographies, compiled by Barbara S. Giles. Special --Fiske Genealogical Foundation Publications from the 1990s Spiral bound 10.00
  Digest of the early Connecticut Probate Records, Hartford District, by Charles William Manwaring, originally published 1904-1906 in 3 volumes.  This set of three was reprinted by Genealogical Publishing in 1995.  Vol I, 669 pgs, vol II, 711 pgs, and Vol III, 794 pgs.  Each volume has a separate index.  The set is in very good condition.  It was originally offered without dust jackets.   ISBN:  0-8063-1472-9  
Hdbk Set of three volumes offered at $90.00 for the full set.
  Digest of the early Connecticut Probate Records, Vol III, Hartford District, 1729-1750 by Charles William Manwaring.  794 pp, indexed.  Fine condition.  ISBN: 0-8063-1471-0  (3-15) Hdbk 40.00
  Extracts from the Records of Colchester with some transcripts from the recording of Michaell Tantor, of “Brainford,” Conn. Transcribed by Charles M Taintor, 1864. Xeroxed and miniaturized [6 pages per page] cc.  26 pp.  Library tags. Good condition, but you will need a magnifying glass.  Stapled report. Sfbk 5.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) The Guardians of the New World, by Doris H. Wackerbarth, 1980. “a stirring account of the settlers who came to the wilderness of the New World in an effort to preserve representative government.” The focus is on the sheltering of two Parliament men hiding from royal authority “while they struggled to prevent their established governments from being corrupted by absolute power.” Major General Wm Goffe and Major General Edward Whalley.” [3-23] Sfbk 5.00
  Records of the Particular Court of Connecticut 1639-1663 (Reprint 1987) Heritage Books.  302 pp, indexed.  Good condition.  ISBN:  1556130783.  (7-10) Sfbk 35.00
District of Columbia
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

How to Trace your Ancestors to Europe, by Hugh T. Law, 1987. Photos and illustrations. How-to stories of research done on individuals in various countries. Indexed 420pp. Cover crease in upper right corner, but text in excellent condition. [4-23]

Sfbk 5.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

In Search of Your European Roots: A complete guide to tracing your ancestors in every country in Europe, by Angus Baxter, 1985. Out of date, but references can be checked by googling.  [4-23]

Sfbk 5.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

The Atlantic Bridge to Germany, Vol. 2, Hessen Part A, Rheinland-Pfalz Part B (The Palatinate), by Charles M. Hall, Everton Publishers, Inc, 1976. 80 pp.  VG condition. Owner tag. [3-23]

Sfbk 5.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

The Atlantic Bridge to Germany, Vol. 3, Bavaria (Bayern), by Charles Hall, Everton Publishers, Inc, 1978.  203 pp.  VG condition.  Clarity of maps not the best but could help with online map searches.  Report binding. [3-23]

Sfbk 5.00
  The Atlantic Bridge to Germany, Vol. V., Schieswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Bremen, by Charles M. Hall, Everton Publishers, Inc. 1978. Excellent condition. 45 pp. [4-19] Sfbk 5.00
  The Atlantic Bridge to Germany, vol. vii, Nordrhein-Westfalen, by Charles M. Hall, Everton Publishers, Inc., 1989. 63 pp. A guide to geographical and jurisdictional understanding of the Northrhine-Westphalia area. 19 pages of maps. Parish indexes. In very good condition.  (8-15) Sfbk 10.00
sale pdg  The Palatine Immigrant, vol 27, #1, Dec 2001. Periodical for those with German-speaking ancestry.  (6-16) Sfbk 5.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Researching in Germany, A Handbook for Your Visit to the Homeland of Your Ancestors, by Roger P. Minert & Shirley J. Riemer, 2001. Two copies. Excellent condition. One has small owner signature on inside cover page.  Tips for travel as well as research. Out of date, but potentially useful w/googling.  254 pp.  [3-23]

Sfbk 7.00
   The Wuerttemberg Emigration Index, Vol. 4, compiled by Trudy Schenk and Ruth Froelke, Ancestry, Inc. 1988. ISBN 0-916489-26-4 Dust jacket worn, but book is in excellent condition. [5-18] Hdbk  8.00
Great Britain
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Church Records: a Short Review, Everton Publishers, year not shown, but likely before 2000.  Illustrated, excellent cond. 20pp [4-23]

Pamphlet 2.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

East Surrey Family History Society. An Introduction to the Society and its Services, 1998. Google current info. 38pp. Excellent condition. [4-23]

Pamphlet 2.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Federation of Family History Society Pamphlet series, most by J. S. W. Gibson. Useful guides, out-dated but refs can be googled. Topics available:

Annals of the Poor, by Eve McLaughlin, 1986

The Censuses 1841-1881, Use and Interpretation, by Eve McLaughlin, 1983

Electoral Registers since 1832; and Burgess Rolls, 1989

The Hearth Tax, other later Stuart tax lists and the Association Oath Rolls, 1985

Illegitimacy, by McLaughlin, 1985

Interviewing Elderly Relatives, by McLaughlin, 1985

Land Tax Assessments c.1690-1950, 1983

Local Newspapers 1750-1920, England, Wales, Channel Is. , Isle of Man, 1987

Marriage, Census, and other Indexes for Family Historians, 1986

Poll Books c.. 1696-1872; a Directory of Local Holdings in Great Britain 1989

Quarter Sessions Records for Family Historians, 1985

Record Offices: How to find them, 1987

Simple Latin for Family Historians, 1986

Somerset House Wills from 1858, by McLaughlin, 1985

Unpublished Personal Name Indexes in Record Offices and Libraries, 1985


Pamphlet 2.00 each
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

A Guide to Genealogical Sources in Guildhall Library, 2d edition, Corp of London, 1979. Out of date but useful in outlining categories of records. Google current info. Indexed 41pp. Excellent condition.  [4-23]

Pamphlet 2.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

How to Locate and Use Manorial Records, by Patrick Palgrave-Moore, 1985. Illustrated, 25pp. [4-23]

Pamphlet 2.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) The Argyle Patent and Accompanying Documents excerpted from the History of the Somonauk Presbyterian church, by jennie M. Patten, 1928; reprinted by Clearfield, Genealogical Publishing Co., 68 pp.  Excellent condition. Sfbk 15.00
1850 Census, Alexander County, Illinois, by Maxine E. Wormer.  31pp., indexed.  Very good condition. Sfbk 6.00

 Chicago and Cook Co.: A Guide to Research, by Loretto Dennis Szucs.Ancestry, Inc., 1996  Owner name embossed on cover sheet but otherwise in excellent condition. Indexed; 517 pp. (10-15)

Sfbk 2d copy available
  Guide to County Records in the Illinois Regional Archives. By Roy C. Turnbaugh, Jr.  1985 Illinois State Archives.  376 pp. Very good Condition.  (7-09) Sfbk $4.00
  Current Research in Indiana Archaeology and Prehistory: 1991 & 1992. Edited by Brian G. Redmond.  Published by Indiana University. 94 pp.  VG condition. Sfbk 5.00
  Current Research in Indiana Archaeology and Prehistory: 1994. Edited by Brian G. Redmond.  Published by Indiana University. 130 pp.  VG condition. Sfbk 5.00
  Indiana through tradition and change: a history of the Hoosier state and its people, 1920-1945. Volume 5, by James H. Madison. 1982. 453pp., index, bibliographical essay. Good condition. Sfbk 5.00
   Pioneer Ancestors of Members of the Society of Indiana Pioneers, compiled by Ruth Dorrel, Family History Section, Indiana Historical Society, 1983.  Basically a spreadsheet listing Name, birth place, birth date, Indiana county settled in, settled date, previous residence. 245 pp. In very good condition; some minor creasing on cover, a few pages. (11-15) Sfbk 10.00

Prairie Pioneers of Illinois, Vol. 1, ed. Beth Rochefort, 1986. Illinois State Genealogical Society. Indexed, 380 pp. Excellent condition.

Sfbk 25.00
   Who's Your Hoosier Ancestor? Genealogy for Beginners, by Mona Robinson. 1992. Indexed, 215 pp. [9-17] Sfbk 5.00
  Irish Family Histories by Ida Grehan, 1993.  Roberts Rinehart Publishers.  Index and maps; 264 pp. 8 3/4 x 11 1/4 inches.  New Condition, but tear in dust cover.  ISBN: 1-879373-70-X   (02-14) Hdbk 7.00

 Irish Records: Sources for Family & Local History, by James G. Ryan; pub. by Ancestry Inc., 1988. Indexed; 562 pp.  Dust jacket in protective wrap; very good condition. Library tags.  ISBN 0-916489-22-1  (3-16)

Hdbk 10.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Tracing Your Irish Ancestors, John Grenham. 1992. Library tags, but ex condition.

Sfbk 5.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) "Calendar of Early Jefferson County, Kentucky, Wills: Will Book No. 1: April, 1784-June, 1813". Prepared by Miss Katharine G. Healy. The Filson Club History Quarterly, Vol. 6, No. 1, January 1932. Xerox copy.  Report binding. Good condition. Sfbk 10.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Clay County, 1880, compiled by James E. Welch, Sr., 1988. Goes beyond census records to provide info on the inhabitants of Clay Co., Kentucky in 1880. Indexed, 291 pp. Report binding. Xerox print quality not great, but a useful resource. VG

Sfbk 10.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

A Darkness at Dawn: Appalachian Kentucky and the Future, Harry M. Caudill. The Kentucy Bicentennial Bookshelf, 1976. History rather than genealogy, but useful as background. 82 pp. Bibliography. Bookplate, but ex condition.

Hdbk 10.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Genealogies of Kentucky Families from the Filson Club History Quarterly, Clearfield Company Inc., 2000. Indexed, 917 pp. VG Some addr stamps

Sfbk 20.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Henry Co., 1821-1871 Past & Present, Elwood Pleas, 1871. reprint E. Indiana Publ. Co. Indexed, 154 pp. Slight water damage across top, but in VG condition.

Hdbk 15.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Kentucky Genealogical Research, George K. Schweitzer, 1987. 156 pp. VG

Sfbk 7.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Kentucky Marriages 1797-1865, compiled by G. Glenn Clift, reprinted from the Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, 1938-1940, by Genealogical Publishing Co., 1966  Cover in bad shape, but contents in VG condition. Book plate. Indexed, 258 pp.

Hdbk 10.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Kentucky Obituaries, 1787-1854, compiled by G. Glenn Clift, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. , 1984 . Indexed, 254 pp. VG condition.

Hdbk 20.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Kentucky Pioneer and Court Records: Abstracts of Early Wills, Deeds and Marriages from Court Houses; old Bibles, Churches, Grave yards and Cemeteries, plus other genealogical material, compiled by Mrs. Harry Kennett McAdams, 1929; reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1981.  Anderson, Bath, Bourbon, Boyle, Christian, Clark, Estill, Fayette, Fleming, Garrard, Harrison, Jessamine, Lincoln, Madison, Mercer, Montgomery, Nicholas, Scott, Wayne, Woodford counties.  Indexed, 383 pp. VG condition.

Hdbk 15.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Kentucky Records: Early Wills and Marriages, Old Bible Records, Tombstone Inscriptions, compiled by Mrs. William Breckenridge Ardery, Genealogical Pulishing Co., Inc. 1986. Indexed, 206 pp. Library tags, some stamps, some highlighting, but generally in good condition.

Hdbk 12.00
sale pdg

The Last Mold of Clay, Israel J. Howard. 1998. Appalachian families, esp Howard family, and history of the region. Indexed, 216 pp. VG

Sfbk 20.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Mountain Rising: James Anderson Burns and Oneida Institute, Darrell C. Richardson, Oneida Mountaineer Press, 1986. Indexed, 336 pp. Ex condition.

Hdbk 10.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Stinking Creek: Portrait of a Small Mountain Community in Appalachia, John Fetterman, 1967. Xeroxed cc. w/report binding. 193 pp. VG

Sfbk 10.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) History of Fayette [Maine], by  Joseph H. Underwood, 1956. Maps and separate index  174pp Very good condition (10-22) Hdbk 20.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Revolutionary Pensioners Living in Maine, by Charles Alcott Flagg, originally pub. 1920; reprint Clearfield Co.,  1992. Stamped, but in very good cond.  (10-22) Sfbk 9.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Abstracts of Berks County Wills 1752-1785, based on the abstracts of Jacob Martin and John P. Smith, 1993.  Indexed,  228 pp. Excellent condition. Sfbk 12.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)  The Argyle Patent and Accompanying Documents, excerpted from the History of the Somonauk Presbyterian Church, Jennie M. Patten, notes on Washington County Families, Clearfield 1999. Excellent condition. Map  68pp Sfbk 12.00
   Anne Arundel Gentry, by Harry Wright Newman, Vol. 3, 1979.  Chapters on the Cockey, Harwood, Ridgely and Todd Families. Indexed, 200 pp.  Showing some age/wear, but in good condition.  333 of 400 copies. (6-17) 2nd copy has library stamps/tape. Sfbk 25.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)  Directory of Maryland Church Records, compiled by Edna A. Kanely, Gen Council of Maryland, 1987, 195 pp Very good condition. Sfbk 14.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)  Historic Graves of Maryland and the District of Columbia, Helen W. Ridgely, 1908; 1992 reprint. Indexed 292pp Sfbk 20.00
   An Index of the Source Records of Maryland, Genealogical, Biographical, Historical, by Eleanor Phillips Passano, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore 1984. Library marks. In good condition.
. ISBN 0-8063-0271-2. [5-18]
Hdbk 20.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Marriage Licenses of Frederick County 1778-1810, 2d ed., Margaret E. Myers, 1986 Family Line Publications. Indexed, 170 pp., very good condition [3-23]

2 copies
22.00 each
   Marriage Licenses of Frederick Co 1811-1840, by  Margaret E. Myers, 1987.  278pp Very good condition. (10-22) Sfbk 20.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Maryland Deponents 1634-1799, Henry C. Peden, Jr. 1991, indexed 241pp. People who gave testimony in court cases not easily found otherwise. Excellent condition Sfbk 5.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Maryland Genealogical Research, by George K. Schweitzer, 1991. 211pp. Excellent condition; maps.
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) The Maryland Militia in the Revolutionary War, by S. Eugene Clements &  F. Edward Wright, 1994.  351pp Some writing inside cover; minimal lining on a few pp. Good cond. (10-22) Sfbk 20.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Maryland Oaths of Fidelity, compiled Betty Carothers, 111pp Names listed by county, no other data. Excellent condition. (10-22) Sfbk 10.00
  Maryland and Virginia Colonials: Genealogies of Some Colonial Families. Volume I--Elmore Family only, Sharon J Doliante. Published by Clearfield, United States (2010)
ISBN 10: 0806347627 ISBN 13: 9780806347622
Extract of Elmore family only,  pp 275-312; report binding. (9-15)
Sfbk 10.00
  Revolutionary Records of Maryland by Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh & Margaret Robert Hodges (1924) Reprinted 2003 Genealogical Publishing Co.  56 pp, indexed. New Condition. ISBN: 0806300612 Sfbk 12.00
  Selected Maryland Bibliography and Resources, Vol. 1 & 2, compiled by Barbara S. Giles, 1988-89.Maps. Special --Fiske Genealogical Foundation Publications from the 1990s  Spiral bound. 10.00 
Side-Lights on Maryland History, with sketches of of early Maryland families by Hester Dorsey Richardson.  Reprint of 1913 edition by Genealogical Publishing, 1995, in two volumes.  Bound in dark green cloth over boards with gilt lettering on spine and front cover.  SOLD ONLY AS A TWO-VOLUME SET.  Fine condition. Hdbk, 2 vols 75.00
   Cemetery Inscriptions of Wilbraham, Hampden County, Massachusetts to 1865, compiled by Arthur D. Fiske, Fiske Genealogical Foundation, Seattle, Washington, Indexed. 50 pp. Stapled report 2.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Early Records of Lancaster, Massachusetts, 1643-1725, ed. by Henry S. Nourse, 1884. Photocopied pages of the entire book in a standard binder. Notebook 5.00
  The Founding of Marblehead by Thomas E. Gray 1984. 194pp. with library notations.  Good condition. LOCN: 84-81978. Hdbk 60.00
   Genealogies and Estates of Charlestown Massachusetts 1692-1818 by Thomas Bellows Wyman, Boston 1897.  Reprinted 1982 by New England History Press as two vols. in one.  1173 pp.  Includes indices for combined vols for localities and authorities and for vessels.  The Schedule of Conveyances for Charlestown from 1638 to 1802 is also included.  There is a fold-up map of Charlestown in 1818 in a pocket on inside back cover.  This copy is in very good condition, although the dust cover is faded and wrinkled.  ISBN: 0-89725-031-1 (12-11) Hdbk SALE
   Historical Data relating to Counties, Cities and Towns in Massachusetts, 1997, Wm Francis Galvin, NEHGS 1997.  Indexed, 176pp, maps, excellent condition. (10-22). Sfbk 15.00

WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)History of the Early Settlement of Bridgewater in Plymouth County, Massachusetts, including an extensive Family Register, Nahum Mitchell, Gateway Press, Inc. 1975. Originally printed Boston, 1840. 424 pp. Excellent condition. [3-23]

Original available on Internet Archive:

and in Library of Congress with .pdf download:

1897 Reprint available on Internet Archive:

Hdbk 25.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) History of the Town of Medfield, Massachusetts, 1650-1886, by William S. Tilden. Medfield Historical Society, 1888 (1975 edition). Excellent condition; some pencil notes inside cover.
Indexed, 557 pp. (10-16)
Hdbk 10.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) History of Woburn, Massachusetts, Vol 1,  by Samuel Sewall w/memorial sketch of the author, 1868, reprinted by Heritage Classic, 1990. 2cc 327pp. (10-22) Sfbk 10.00
  Index to the 1800 Census of Massachusetts, compiled by Elizabeth Petty Bentley, Clearfield reprint, 1999. Excellent condition; owner name/address written inside cover. 305 pp.
Sfbk 10.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) List of Freemen of Massachusetts, 1630-1691, by Lucius R. Paige,1972.  Indexed, 60 pp.  Excellent condition. [11/22] Sfbk 5.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Massachusetts Genealogical Research, by George K. Schweitzer, 1990 279pp, 2cc Excellent condition.
Sfbk 5.00
  Plymouth Poppet: The adventures of a young girl in Plymouth Plantation, 1623-1627, by Margaret Tubbs Barton, 2004. 221 pp. Author signed.  Library tag on back; tag and marks on cover page; very good cond.  (8-15) Sfbk 15.00
  Salem Possessed, The Social Origins of Witchcraft, Paul Boyer & Stephen Nissenbaum, 1974. Indexed 231pp. Some highlighting [minimal]. Otherwide good condition. Sfbk 5.00

The Town Records of Roxbury, Massachusetts 1647 to 1730, being Vol. One of the Original, Robert J. Dunkle & Ann S. Lainhart, NEHGS, 1997. Indexed 488 pp. Excellent condition. [3-23]

Hdbk 67.00
  Vital Records of Washington, Massachusetts, to the year 1850. Published by the New England Historic Genealogical Society. 1904.  57pp.  Reprint by Stanhope Press with Spiral Binding, very good condition with library mark. Sfbk 10.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation, 1620-1647, several copies in various editions [1962 Harvey Wish] [1981 Modern Library College Edition] [H new ed complete text with intro by Sam Eliot Morison, 1959 larger print.] Bradford's own account of these years. All in good condition. Sfbk
Hdbk [Eliot]
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) The Winthrop Fleet of 1630, Charles Edw Banks, 1930 S 118pp X cond; also H 1983 indexed 118pp X cond Sfbk
UPDATED Worcester County, Massachusetts, Warnings, 1737-1788. Introduction by Francis E. Blake.  1899 reprinted 1992 by Picton Press.  126 pp. indexed. 1cc still shrinkwrapped! 2nd cc in very good condition.  ISBN:  0929539990.  (10-22) Hdbk 30.00
  Genesee County, Michigan Cemeteries, Vol. V, compiled by Merle perry, Jr., Evergreen Cemetery, Whigville, Grand Blanc Township, published by Flint Genealogical Society, ca. 1961.  A few neat underlinings but otherwise in very good condition. 133 pp. Report folder torn along edge; contents in good shape. Sfbk 15.00
   How to Trace Your Minnesota Ancestors, by Robert B. Porter, 1985. Indexed, 42pp. Writing on front cover; pink highlighting throughout. Otherwise good cond. [11/22] Sfbk 4.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Only a Few Bones: A True Account of the Rolling Fork Tragedy and its Aftermath, by John Philip Coplletta.  Direct Descent, Washington, DC, 2000. “...a tour-de-force of genealogical and historical sleuthing!” Signed by author. Indexed 436 pp. ISBN 0-9701327-0-0 (2-19) Sfbk 7.00
sale pdg WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Missouri Gen Gleanings, 1840 and Beyond, Vol. 1, Sherida K. Eddlemon, Heritage Books, Inc. 1994 edge stamped; some neat marking. Edge stamps. [11/22] Sfbk 10.00
sale pdg WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Missouri Genealogical Records & Abstracts, Vol. 2: 1752-1839, Sherida K. Eddlemon, Heritage Books, Inc. Indexed, 261pp.Neat highlights and underlying in sections throughout, but otherwise condition good. Edge stamps. [11/22] Sfbk 10.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Missouri Genealogical Records & Abstracts, Vol. 3: 1787-1839, by Sherida K. Eddlemon, Heritage Books, Inc. 1991.  Indexed, 233pp. Neat highlights and underlying in sections throughout, but otherwise condition good. [11/22] Sfbk 10.00
   Missouri Research Guide, by Don Vincent, 1992.
32pp.  Excellent condition. 2 copies available.
Sfbk 4.00
New England
  The Great Migration Newsletter, vol 1-5, 1990-1994. Bound version of the periodical. ed. Robert Charles
Anderson. 1998. The Great Migration Study Project, The New England Historic Genealogical society, Boston, Massachusetts. ISBN: 0-88082-083-7 (8-15)
Hdbk 12.00
New Hampshire
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Colonial Gravestone Inscriptions in the State of New Hampshire, DAR, 1942. Actual inscriptions sorted by location. Cheap paper cover and contents, yellowing, but in generally good condition. Library ref tags on spine/back cover. [3/23]

Sfbk 5.00
  Croyden, New Hampshire, 1866.  Centennial celebration. 
A 2 image per page xerox of the biographical section of the original book which is described as "a Brief account of the leading men of the last century with portraits." 2 pages are missing per note enclosed. [2021]
Report format 10.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Index to Genealogies in New Hampshire Town Histories, William Copeley. New Hampshire Historical Society, 2000.
102 pp. Good condition. [3/23]

Sfbk 15.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Notices from the New Hampshire Gazette, 1765-1800, Otis G. Hammond. Hunterdon House, Lambertville, NJ, 1970. Indexed, 246 pp. Ex condition.

Hdbk 12.00
New Jersey
  Burlington Court Book, A Record of Quaker Jurisprudence in West New Jersey 1680-1709 by H. Clay Reed (reprint 1998) Genealogical Publishing Co. 372 pp, indexed.  New Condition.   ISBN:  080631558X      (7-10) Hdbk 35.00
  Genealogical Data The Salem Tenth in West New Jersey, Compiled by H. Stanley Craig, 1926. Special --Fiske Genealogical Foundation Publications from the 1990s Facsimile copy. 5.00    
  General Index to the documents relating to the colonial history of the state of New Jersey, Archives of the state of New Jersey, 1st series. 1888.  Cover separation and intro pages detached; the text content is in good condition. Tape/tag removal evidence on exterior. (8-15) Hdbk $5.00
  A Geographic dictionary of New Jersey by Henry Gannett.  Published in 1894 by the Government Printing Office; republished in 1978 by Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc.  131 pp.  Some pencil marking; wear on cover.  ISBN: 0-8063-0819-2  (4-12) Hdbk 20.00
  Historical Collections of the State of New Jersey contining geographical descriptions of every township in the state by John W Barber and Henry Howe, 1845 (reprinted 1990 by Heritage Books, Inc).  558 pp including index. Copy is in very good condition.  ISBN: 1-55613-307-3  (2-15) Sfbk 20.00
  Stories of New Jersey, by Frank R. Stockton, Rutgers State University, 1961. Scuffed cover but pages are in good shape. 262 pp. (8-16) Sfbk 3.00
New York
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

An Album of New Netherland, Maud Esther Dilliard, 1963 Bramhall House, NY. Portraits of colonists, furnishings and misc household goods. Very good condition.

Hdbk 7.50
  An Introduction to Historic Resources in Washington County, New York, 1976, 2d ed. 1984 with amendments. Bi-centennial. 133 pp. lots of photos. Sfbk 5.00
  Catalogue of Historical and Genealogical Material in the Montgomery County,Dept. of History & Archives, Old Court House, Fonda, NY, Jan. 1984. Stapled binding; 110pp. [4-19] Sfbk 5.00
  Census of 1850, Town of Montgomery, Orange County, New York, by Ralph H. Weller. 1992. published by Orange Co. Genealogical Society.  119 pp, index. Good condition. SFbk 15.00
  Census of 1850, Township  of Warwick, Orange County, New York, by Helen Benjamin and Virginia Gardner.  published by Orange Co. Genealogical Society.  156pp, index. Good condition. SFbk 15.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Gazetteer of the State of New York 1824, H. G. Spafford; facsimile reprint 1981. 620 pp. Excellent condition.

Hdbk 20.00
  Guide to Genealogical and Biographical Sources for New York City (Manhattan) 1783-1898. By Rosalie Fellows Bailey.  1958 reprinted 1998 Clearfield Company, Inc.  96 pp.  Very good condition.  ISBN:  0806348011. (7-09) Sfbk $7.50
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Historical Sketches of Bridgewater, Oneida co., New York, by Eleanor Louise Porter, 1914; reprinted Worden Press, 1995. With separate index. Excellent condition. [4-23]

Sfbk 15.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Historical and Statistical Gazetteer of New York State, J. H. French, 1860; facsimile reprint 1980 Heart of the Lakes Publishing. Separate vol. Index of Personal Names compiled by Frank Place 1957. Front cover of book worn and torn lower left corner. Indexed 739pp. Illustrated. [3-23]

Available for download at Library of Congress:

Sfbk 20.00
   The History of New York City, by Bill Harris. Oversize, illustrated. Library marks etc. Plasticine cover. Portland House, 1989. ISBN 0 517 68905 7 (2-19) Hdbk 5.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

History of Southold, L.I. Its First Century, Rev. Epher Whitaker, DD, , 1881; facsimile reprint 1988. Heritage Classic. Index 354pp. Some photos. A few stray check marks, but otherwise in very good condition. [3-23]

Sfbk 21.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Crisfield Johnson’s
History of Washington County, New York, 1878,
reprinted by Washington Co. Historical Society, Fort Edward, NY. Illustrated. Excellent condition. Retailing for $320.00 [3-23]
Hdbk 150.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Name Index to Crisfield Johnson’s History of Washington County, New York, 1878, Virginia Parrott & Marjorie Sexton, Washington Co. Historical Society, Fort Edward, NY 1984. 79 pp. Excellent condition. [3-23]

Hdbk 30.00
   Marriages and Deaths from Steuben County, New York Newspapers 1837-1868, abstracted by Yvonne E. Martin, Heritage Books, Inc. 1988. Indexed, 166 pp. Very good condition. (10-16)
Sfbk 12.00

  New York Genealogical Research, by George K.Schweitzer, 1988

Small coffee stain on cover sheet but otherwise in excellent condition.

ISBN 0-913857-11-4  (10-15)
Sfbk 3.00
  Westchester Patriarchs: A genealogical dictionary of Westchester County, New York, families prior to 1755, by Norman Davis, published by Heritage Books, Inc, Bowie MD, 1988. 325 pp. Very good condition. ISBN: 1-55613-118-6  (8-11) Sfbk 25.00
   Western New York Land Transactions, 1804-1824, Extracted from the archives of the Holland Land Company, by Karen E. Livsey, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1991. Primarily name, date and plat definition. Indexed, 472 pp. Excellent condition. [7-17] Hdbk 30.00
North Carolina
  Abstracts of marriage bonds and additional data, Guilford County, North Carolina.  Volume II, 1841-1868 by Ruth F Thompson and Louise J Hartgrove.  Published by Guilford County Genealogical Society, 1983, 299 pgs, indexed.  Heavy paper covers, library imprint on title page.  Otherwise in good condition.  No ISBN.  (4-14) Sfbk 10.00
  Early families of the North Carolina Counties of Rockingham and Stokes with Revolutionary Service by James Hunter Chapter NSDAR of Madison, NC.  Volume 2 only.  Updated material 1990 at front of text. [10] 177 pp with index.  Book is out of print.  This copy is in like new condition - good binding and no markings.  ISBN: 0-89308-673-8  (3-14) Sfbk 40.00
  Index of North Carolina Ancestors, contributed by 1003 of their descendants (1981) NC Genealogical Society.  378 pp, indexed.  ISBN:  093637017.  (6-10) Sfbk 25.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Marriage and Death Notices from Raleigh, N.C. Newspapers 1796-1826, indices compiled in the 1950s by staff of the North Carolina Collection, Wilson Library, Univ. of N. Carolina at Chapel Hill and refer to the holdings of that collection only. Not indexed; see the Introduction for how the contents are arranged. 164 pp. In very good condition. Copyright by The Rev Silas Emmett Lucas, Jr., 1977; reprinted 1979 Southern Historical Press.[3-23]

Sfbk 25.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Marriages of Rowan County, North Carolina 1753-1868, compiled by Brent H. Holcomb, 1981; reprinted by Clearfield 1998. Indexed, 506 pp., very good condition.[3-23]

Sfbk 22.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Abstracts of Early Wills 1763-1790 (1749-1790), Brent H. Holcomb, 1980.  Indexed 101 pp.
 In very good condition. [3-23]

Sfbk 11.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Deed Abstracts, 1763-1779, Brent H. Holcomb & Elmer O. Parker, 1979; reprint 1991.Very good condition. [3-23]

Sfbk 29.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

The Mecklenburg Signers and Their Neighbors, Worth S. Ray, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1982. Illustrated. Indexed 558 pp. Originally published as The Lost Tribes of North Carolina, Part III, Austin, Texas, 1946; reprinted 1982. Very good condition.

Hdbk 25.00
   McKay's Modern Norwegian-English Dictionary (Gyldendahl's), date not shown. Pages are aged, but book in good condition. Dust cover worn. (4-16) Hdbk 5.00
  Combined History of Monroe County, Ohio, and Caldwell's Atlas of Monroe County, Ohio Atlas Publishing Co, 1898, reproduced by the Monroe County Historical Society and Whipporwill Publications, Evansville IN.  (01-12) Hdbk 25.00
  Early Ohio Settlers, Purchasers of Land in East and East Central Ohio, 1800-1840 compiled by Ellen Thomas Berry & David A. Berry (reprinted 2000) Genealogical Publishing Co.  330 pp, indexed.  New Condition.  ISBN: 0806312629   (7-10) Sfbk 28.00
   Historical Atlas, Tuscarawas County, Ohio, 1875 and 1908 (combined) Library marks, stamps. Oversized book in good condition. Cover a bit scuffed and threadbare, but content intact. Maps and photos. Some biographical info. Reprinted 1973. 50.00 Hdbk 50.00
  History of Greene County, Ohio, 1803-1889, excerpted from 1898 edition of Howe’s Historical Collections of Ohio, reprint 1977 by The Bookmark, Knightstown, Indiana. Stamps inside cover. Very good condition. Thin staple bound copy. (2-19) Sfbk 4.00

Ohio Cemetery Records extracted from the “Old Northwest” Genealogical Quarterly, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1984. Indexed 494 pp. Very good condition.

Hdbk 20.00
   Ohio Genealogical Research, by George K. Schweitzer, 1994. 213 pp. Maps. Some minimal yellow highlighting and pen underlining, but in good condition. ISBN: 0-913957-16-5
Sfbk 5.00
  Ohio Marriages Extracted for the Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly by Marjorie Smith (reprinted 1997) Genealogical Publishing Co.  350 pp,  New Condition. ISBN:  0806309024   (7-10) Hdbk 25.00
  Old Landmarks of Canton and Stark County, Ohio: to which is appended a Comprehensive Compenditum of Local Biography (second volume pp. 567- 1511) edited by John Danner.  1904 by B.F. Bowen, Publisher. Ex-Library in good condition. (7-09) Hdbk 50.00
  Ohio Source Records From The Ohio Genealogical Quarterly. indexed. 1986 by Genealogical Publishing Company, Baltimore, MD. Very Fine.  ISBN: 0-8063-1137-1. Hdbk 45.00

WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)The Official Records of the Oregon Volunteers in the Spanish War and Philippine Insurrection, compiled by Brig. General C. U. Gantenbein, 2d ed., Salem, 1908. Damaged cover and broken binding; last page of index missing [goes through Welch] 646 pp. But text appears intact with photos and company lists of the volunteers. Worthwhile source. [3-23]

Sfbk 25.00
Pacific Northwest
  Guide to Records in the National Archives--Pacific Northwest Region, National Archives and Records Administration, Reference Information Paper 85, 1994 edition. Pristine condition. (4-16) Sfbk 1.00
  Making the most of the best: a history of Willamette Industries, Inc., by Catherine Baldwin Dunn. 1994 (2nd ed.). 205pp., boxed with 2002 supplement, "The rest of the best". Excellent condition, like new. Sfbk 10.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Pacific NW guide, National Archives and Records Administration, one in excellent condition, 2 more cc in fair condition. (4-16) Sfbk 5.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Abstracts of Cumberland County Wills, 1750-1785, by F. Edward Wright, Family Line Publications, 1992. Excellent condition: one ink mark on outside back cover. (6-17) Sfbk 15.00
   Abstracts of Death Notices published in The Press Herald, Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, January 3, 1879 - March 6, 1885, compiled by Cheryl Fidler Schneck, xeroxed typed pages. Good condition in report cover. [5-18] Report cover; xerox 5.00
  Ancestors from the Eastern Heartland: Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware, compiled by the Seattle Genealogical Society, 1990. Directory of surnames in those states before 1880 and names of SGS members working on those surnames. Sig. of previous owner on cover. Sfbk 30.00
  Berks County Genealogical Society, Index of Surnames, 2nd series, Vol. 2, Spring 1986. Edited by Mary Ellen B, Heckman. Very good condition; writing on back cover. 64 pp. Staple bound. [4-19] Sfbk 5.00
  Berks County, Pennsylvania, Its History and Government, by The Commissioners of Berks County, Pennsylvania, 3rd edition, 1980. Very good condition. 83 pp. [4-19] Sfbk 7.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

A Biographical History of York County, Pennsylvania, edited by John Gibson, [orig. published as Part II of History of York Co., Pennsylvania, Chicago, 1886; reprinted by Clearfield 1996. Sketches are contained in Township sections and in alpha order within the sections; no index. 207 pp. Binding is loosening and two pages are separated but tucked in place. Nothing seems to be missing. [3-23]

Sfbk 26.00
  Early Lutheran Baptisms and Marriages in Southeastern Pennsylvania. The Records of Rev. John Casper Stoever from 1730 to 1779. Library stamps, marks and labels, but content and binding in very good condition. Indexed, 107 pp. [4-19] Hdbk 5.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Fayette County Newspaper Extracts, (Pennsylvania) 1805-1854,  by Jean Rentmeister, 1981. Xerox cc, 39 pp. Indexed. Report binding. Good condition. [3-23] Sfbk 10.00
  Guide to Genealogical and Historical Research in Pennsylvania. By Floyd G Hoenstine, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania. 1978.  604 pp.  Tight binding.  VG condition.  Clean text.  No ISBN.  (07-12) Hdbk 15.00
   Guide to Genealogical Sources at the Pennsylvania State Archives, by Robert M. Dructor, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, 1988. Index, 129 pp. Cover is shelf worn, but the book is in very good condition. (2-16) Sfbk 5.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) A Genealogical and Biographical History of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, ed. by Dr. Thomas Cushing. Owner name on inside cover. Index, 786 pp. Excerpted from Part II, History of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, ed. by Cushing, 1889; reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1993. Sfbk 49.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Index to Pennsylvania's Colonial Records Series, compiled by Dr. Mary Dunn, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1992. Excellent condition. This is solely an index to the stated series. 228 pp. [7-17] Hdbk 10.00
   Notices by German and Swiss Settlers seeking information of members of their families, Kindred, or friends inserted between the years 1742 and 1761 in the Pennsylvanische Berichte and between the years 1762 and 1779 in the Pennsylvanische Staatsbote, compiled and translated by Anita L. Eyster. Closson Press, 1992. Bookplate on inside cover; library stamp on cover page, but text in excellent condition. Index, 55pp.  (11-15) Sfbk 20.00
  Pennsylvania Directory of Historical Organizations 1976 by Victoria D. Brow and Deborah H. Miller.  1976. Published by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.  227 pp., VG condition, prior owner's label on cover. Sfbk 15.00
  Pennsylvania Genealogical Research, by George K. Schweitzer, 1986. Very good condition; 227 pp.  ISBN 0-913857-09-2.  [4-19] 2 copies Sfbk 5.00
  Pennsylvania German Immigrants, 1769-1786, ed. By Don Yoder, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Reprint 1980. Nearly new condition, indexed, 294 pp. [4-19] Hdbk 25.00
  Pennsylvania German Immigrants 1709-1786: Lists consolidated from Yearbooks of the Pennsylvania German Folklore Society by Don Yoder. 1984. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 394pp., indexed. Good condition.  ISBN: 0-8063-0892-3. Hdbk 35.00
  Pennsylvania Vital Records, from The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine and The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography (2 Vol. Set)  Published by Genealogical Publishing, 1983.  Vol I (ISBN 0-8063-1010-3, 864 pgs), Vol II (ISBN 0-8063-1011-1, 828 pgs).  Clean copies, slight soiling on shelf edges.  (02-12)  (Will sell either single volume for $60.00) Hdbk 100.00

set of 2

  Selected Pennsylvania Bibliography, compiled by Barbara Giles. Special --Fiske Genealogical Foundation Publications from the 1990s Spiral bound report [thick] 10.00    
  Some of the First Settlers of "The Forks of the Delaware" and their Descendants, Being a Translation from the German of the Record Books of The First Reformed Church of Easton, Penna. From 1760-1852, translated and published by Rev. Henry artyn Kieffer, D.D. 1902.  Reprint by New Era Printing Co. Good condition. Hdbk $90.00
Rhode Island
Scandanavia [cf also Sweden, Norway etc.]
   Victorian & Edwardian Scotland from old photographs, introduction and commentary by C. S. Minto, 1970. (6-16) Hdbk 10.00
South Carolina
South Dakota
Sweden [cf also Scandanavia]
  Cradled in Sweden by Carl-Erik Johansson. 2nd printing, 1977, by Everton Publishers, Inc.  205pp. Fair condition, clean text, but cover splitting along spine.  (11-11) Hdbk 15.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Marriages of Anderson County, Tennessee, 1838-1858, compiled by Edythe Rucker Whitley, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1983. Library card pocket, text marked with ( ) outside some entries, but without obscuring text. Indexed, 85 pp. ISBN 0-8063-1039-1. (2-16) Hdbk 60.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Marriage Record of Washington County, Tennessee, 1787-1840, by Norma Rutledge Grammar and Marion Day Mullins, 1975. Genealogical Publishing Co. Indexed, 68 pp. Good condition with careful red underlining on many pages. [1-18] Sfbk SOLD
  Tennessee: Family histories and genealogies - a bibliography, by Donald M Hehir,   1996196 pp, published by Heritage Books. Includes a cross-index to family and secondary names.  Very good condition, with library ownership markings on interior.  ISBN: 0-7884-0517-9  (3-14) Sfbk 12.00
   Abstracts of Wills, Inventories & Accounts, Patrick County, Virginia, 1791-1823, by Lela C. Adams, 1973.  Indexed, 108 pp. Very good condition; a few careful underlinings in red. Sfbk 28.00
  Hanover County Chancery Wills and Notes, compiled by William Ronald Cocke, III, 1940, Clearfield reprint 1992. Excellent condition; indexed, 215 pp. [4-19] Sfbk 20.00
  Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790 Virginia, Records of the State Enumerations: 1782 to 1785 (1908) reprint by Higginson Book Co.  227 pp, indexed.  Very Good Condition.  (6-10) Sfbk 5.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) A History of Caroline County, Virginia, from its formation in 1727 to 1924. Compiled from original records.., by Marshall Wingfield. Also includes "A Discourse of Virginia" by Edward Maria Wingfield, first governor of the colony which was Virginia's first written history. Originally published, 1924; reprint 1975. Indexed, 528 pp. (8-16) Hdbk 30.00
  A History of Pendleton County West Virginia,  by Oren F. Morton. 1910.  493 pp. Printed by Ruebush-Elkins Co., Dayton, VA. Very Good Condition. Hdbk 60.00
  History of Patrick and Henry Counties, Virginia by Virginia G and Lewis G Pedigo, 1977 (reprint of 1933 edition).  Regional Publishing Co of Baltimore MD.  400 pp.  Some wear and light soil; some underlining in text.  ISBN: 0-8063-8010-1  (11-11) Hdbk 25.00
  Index to marriages of Old Rappahannock and Essex Counties, Virginia: 1655-1900.   by Eva Eubank Wilkerson, 1953, reprint published 2008 by Clearfield, 256 pp Like new condition; no marks in book.  ISBN: 0-8063-0706-4   (03-14) Sfbk 19.00
  King and Queen County, Virginia by Rev. Alfred Bagby (1908) reprint 1999 Genealogical Publishing Co.  402 pp, indexed. New Condition.  ISBN:  0806379936. (8-11) Sfbk 20.00
  Lexington in Old Virginia, by Henry Boley, 1974. Illustrated. Good condition. Indexed, 235 pp. [4-19] Sfbk 5.00
  Marriages of Campbell County, Virginia 1782-1810, by Lucy Harrison Miller Baber. 1971. Good Condition. LC: 72-148946 Hdbk 50.00

WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Pioneers of Old Frederick County, Virginia

by Cecil O’Dell, Walsworth Publishing Co., 1995.

Prev. owner signature on cover sheet, but in “like new” condition. Facsimile copy of the Northern Neck in Virginia, ca. 1747 tucked in back (not attached). Indexed; 626 pp.

Hdbk 85.00
   A Preliminary Guide to Pre-1904 County Records in the Virginia State Library and Archives. Virginia State Library and Archives, Richmond, 1994. Compiled by Suzanne Smith Ray, Lyndon H. Hart III, and J. Christian Kolbe. Very good condition; a few minor creased corners and pages.  ISBN 0-88490-179-3. (11-15) Sfbk 30.00
sale pdg WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Virginia Colonial Abstracts: Vol. 34, Washington County Register: 1782-1820, by Beverley Fleet, 1985, Southern Historical Press.  Indexed, 59 pp. Very good condition with library stamp. Sfbk 8.50
  Virginia Genealogy Sources & Resources by Carol McGinnis, 1994. 494 pp. Published by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Good condition, some underlining and usage marks.   2nd copy - new condition. 
ISBN:  080631379X   (7-10)
Hdbk 15.00


   Virginia Genealogical Research, by George K. Schweitzer, 1995. Library pocket, label on spine, cover a little worn, but text in excellent condition. 2 copies
ISBN 0-913857-06-8
3rd copy of 1988 printing in excellent condition (one slight corner bend on cover)
Sfbk 6.00
5.00 [older cc]
   The Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 22, 1978, ed. by John Frederick Dorman. Facsimile reprint by Heritage Books, 1994. Lightly soiled on edge; indexed, 402pp. Periodical collection.Text in excellent condition.  ISBN 0-7884-0056-8 Sfbk (1-16) Sfbk 5.00
   Medieval Wales, by David Walker, Cambridge Medieval Textbooks, 1990, 1996. Cover shows slight wear but otherwise in excellent condition. Index, bibliography, 235pp.  [10-17] Sfbk 5.00
Washington D. C.
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) The Smithsonian Guide to Historic America, Virginia and the Capital Region, Washington, D. C., Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, 1989. Indexed, 400 pp. Illustrated, maps. [3-23] Sfbk 10.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Washington Past and Present, a Pictorial History by Chalmers M. Roberts, Public Affairs Press, Special Edition published in Honor of the Sesquicentennial Anniversary of the Nation’s Capital, 1949.  Magazine style photo essays.  White House, Congress etc. Aged paper and taped binding, but a fascinating glimpse of social and political history—things have not changed much. Indexed, 218 pp.  Oversize format. Sfbk 10.00
Washington (State)
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) A Century of Service: The Puget Power Story, ed. by Robert C. Wing, Puget Power & Light Co., Bellevue, WA 1987. Illustrated, 178pp. Small tear on back cover; text in excellent condition. Oversized.  [5-23] Sfbk 10.00
  Genealogical Resources in Washington State, by David W Hastings, Project Director. 1983. 425pp., index, bib. Good condition.  Sfbk 50.00

Images of America: Vashon-Maury Island, Bruce Haulman and Jean Cammon Findlay, Indexed 126 pp. A photo history. 2011 Excellent condition.

Sfbk 15.00
  Index to Snohomish County Marriages, Vol 1, 1867-1899 by Sno-Isle Genealogical Society, Edmonds WA.  1992, 57 pp.  Comb binding, some soiling on front cover.  Text is clean.  No ISBN.  (3-12) Sfbk 5.00
   King County and its Queen City: Seattle, An Illustrated History by James R. Warren. Index, 311 pp. Oversized. Dust cover worn along the edges, but book is in excellent condition. 1981.
ISBN 0-89781-038-4  (1-16)
Hdbk 5.00
  Pioneer links: a narrative of the establishment of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows on the Pacific coast and a History of Odd Fellowship in Washington to 1880 by H. E. Holmes,  1913.  Old, worn, cover loose, a few minor marks and creased pages, but text in good cond. Pictures of prominent members IOOF; no index. Rare; limited print of 1,000 copies. (8-15) Hdbk $35.00
   A Pioneer's Search for an Ideal Home, by Phoebe Goodell Judson, who crossed the plains in 1853 and became a resident in Puget Sound before Washington Territory was organized. 1925; reprint 1984. No index, 314 pp. Library marks, slightly worn edges, but text in excellent conditiion.  ISBN 0-8032-8559-5 (1-16) Sfbk 6.00
  Pioneering God's Country:  History of the Diocese of Olympia 1853-1967 by Thomas E. Jessett.  1967 Diocese of Olympia Press. 55 pp. Very good condition. (7-09) Sfbk 10.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Sons of the Profits or There's No Business Like Grow Business -- The Seattle Story, 1851-1901, by Wiliam C. Speidel, Seattle, Washington, 1967. Dust jacket worn, but the book is in very good condition. Not a genealogy text, but many named individuals.
ISBN 0-914890-00-X
Hdbk 6.00
  Tyee 1946-- University of Washington Yearbook, Ruth Himmelman, Editor.  430 pp., indexed. Very fine condition.    (6-10) Hdbk Sale!
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Tyee 1963--University of Washington Yearbook, Margaret Lewis, Editor. 567 pp., indexed. Cover edges are a little worn and the binding has loosened slightly, but very good condition. A significant year in American history.  (3-16) Hdbk Sale!
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Washington: A Centennial Atlas, by James W. Scott with Colin R. Vasquez, John G. Newman & Bruce C. Sarjeant, Center for Pacific Northwest Studies, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA, 1989. Library pocket, stamps. In very good condition. (4-16) Hdbk
  Washington - a Guide to the Evergreen State compiled by workers of the Writer' Program of the Works Projects Administration in the State of Washington.  American Guide Series, Illustrated.  687 pp., indexed.  Very Good condition. 
Hdbk 80.00
West Virginia
  New River Early Settlement by Patricia Givens Johnson. 1983.  232 pgs.  This copy has some red ink underlining on several pages; otherwise, very good condition.  Blue cloth cover with gold lettering.  No dust jacket.  LCCN 83-81157.       [2-10] Hdbk 40.00
  Cemetery Inscriptions from Green County, Wisconsin, Vol III, by Mrs. John M Irvin.  Wisconsin State Genealogical Society, 1975. 65 pp, paper cover, stapled. Very good condition.  ISBN: 0-910255-12-1    (3-12) Sfbk 5.00

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   American Marriage Records before 1699, ed. and compiled by William Montgomery Clemens, orig. published 1926; reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1984. Entries arranged in alphabetical order by name, except for a few sections in the supplement in the back. 259 pp. Owner name stamp on inside cover, but book is in excellent condition. (4-16) Hdbk 5.00
   Ancestors of American Presidents, compiled by Gary Boyd Roberts. Preliminary edition. Published in cooperation with the New England Historic Genealogical Society by Carl Boyer, 1989. Indexed, 306 pp. Owner name stamp on inside cover, but book is in excellent condition.  Hdbk
5 copies
   American Surnames, by Elsdon C. Smith, 1969. Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc. reprint, 1995. Some wear on the cover. Book in very good condition. Library pocket on cover sheet.Indexed, 370 pp. (4-16) Sfbk 3.50
   The Compendium of American Genealogy, First Families of America, Vol 6, 1937, ed. by Frederick Adams virkus. Library stamps. Older book and it shows its age, but generally in good condition. (6-16) Hdbk 20.00
   The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy, First Families of America, a genealogical encyclopedia of the United States. ed. by Frederick A. virkus, 1925. Library stamps. 1148 pp. Shows its age, but generally in good condition. 950 pp.
Hdbk 50.00
  Index to American Genealogies; and to genealogical material contained in all works..alphabetically arranged, 5th ed. 1900. Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1984. Smear mark on back cover and owner address label inside cover, but otherwise in excellent condition. 107 pp. 
ISBN: 0-8063-0313-1 (8-15)
2nd copy with supplement, reprinted by the Genealogical Publishing Co., 1967. Library pocket and stamps; penciled lists on front cover sheet, but text in very good condition. 107pp. hdbk 13.00
  Directory of Family Associations, by Elizabeth Petty Bentley, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1993. 336 pp. Very good condition; suggest you "google" entries for more current information, but it provides a starting point.  (8-16)

2nd copy: 1996. Has library tape on the cover spine, but in good condition. 355 pp.
   In Search of Your European Roots, A complete guide to tracing your ancestors in every country in Europe, by Angus Baxter, 1986. Good condition. Ownership note on inside front.
[6-18] ISBN: 00-8063-1114-2 289pp
3 copies
   International Vital Records Handbook, Application Forms & Ordering information for Birth, Marriage, Death, by Thomas Jay Kemp, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1990.  Good condition. Suggest you use the entries to "google" more current application/ordering forms, but it gives you a starting point.  355 pp.   sfbk 5.00
  Revolutionary War Genealogy by
George K. Schweitzer, 1987. 110 pp.  Very good condition. ISBN:
0-913857-04-1   (8-15)
Sfbk 10.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Surnames and Genealogy: A New Approach, George Redmonds, NEHGS 1997. Indexed 292 pp. Very good condition. [3-23]

Sfbk 23.00
  Building Together: A Memory of Our Lives in Seattle, by William J. & Mildred C. Bain. 1991. 1st ed. Includes Bain family genealogy. Dustcover. Hdbk 12.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) The Barnum Family of Stratford, Connecticut, excerpted from A History of the Old Town of Stratford and the City of Bridgeport, Connecticut, by the Rev. Samuel Orcutt. Part II. Fairfield County Historical Society, 1886. 5 pp. Staple bound. (2-19) Sfbk 4.00
  Genealogy of the Mohawk Valley Bellingers and Allied Families, by Lyle Frederick Bellinger with Index by Hazel Patrick, published by Herkimer County Historical Society, Herkimer, NY.  1976. Photocopied loose pages.   Notebook  



  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) The Byrds of Virginia, by Alden Hatch, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1969 First Edition. Former library copy; card pocket, library marks, tags on cover sheet, but the book is in very good condition. Dust cover is worn and damaged by tape. Indexed. Detailed biographical history of the family with photo section. 535 pp.  (2-16) Hdbk 10.00
  Notable Southern Families; Volume V: The Crockett Family
Zella Armstrong. Published by The Apple Manor Press
Extract: xerox of pages dealing solely with
the Crockett Family.  Report bound, 1974. The Reprint Co. New condition. (8-15)
Sfbk 7.00
  Notable Southern Families; Volume V: David Crockett: Hero of the Alamo. Armstrong, Zella
Published by The Apple Manor Press
Extract: xerox of pages dealing solely with
David Crockett chapters.  Report bound, 1974.
The Reprint Co. New condition. (8-15)
Sfbk 7.00
  The Dows or Dowse Family in America, compiled by Azro Milton Dows, Lowell, MA. 1890. 243pp. Self- Published.  Xerox copy. Sfbk 10.00
  Drake in England, Revised Edition by Sir Anthony Wagner, Garter King of Arms.  1970 by New Hampshire Historical Society.  119 pp.  New Condition.  (7-09) Hdbk 50.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Gunderson, Groth, Everson, Erickson, and Fossay: Ancestors and Descendants in Norway and America 1560-1994, Oddvin Archie Gunderson, Personal research of families who were immigrants from Norway in 1844; genealogies and family stories. Tab index. 9X12 binder 1.5” thick. Excellent condition.

Hdbk 25.00
  Hinton by George Washington Hinton of Everett, Washington.  1967, 98 pp.  Paper covers, stapled pages. Ex library.  Light soiling, clean text.  No ISBN.  (3-12) Sfbk 5.00
  The Hosford Genealogy: a history of the descendants of William Hosford, sometime resident of Beaminster, Dorsetshire; Dorchester MA; Windsor CT; and Calverleigh, Devonshire by Norman F Hosford and David H Hosford, 1993.  Published by Phoenix Publishing, pp: xviii, 662 p,.ill., maps.  No dust jacket, otherwise in very good condition.  ISBN: 0-914659-59-6 
Hdbk 200.00
Ingham, Waterhouse
Lambe / Harbottle
  Descendants of Hugh Mosher and Rebecca Maxson through Seven Generations by Mildred (Mosher) Chamberlain and Laura (McGaffey) Clarenbach.  1980.  795 pp, indexed.  Good Condition.  ISBN: 0960414207. (7-09) Hdbk 200.00
  The Family of Poyntz, by Sir John MacLean, reprint edition, 1983. This is NOT the complete book, just a xerox of the pedigree charts (800 years), about 46 pp. Some handwritten notes in pencil. Report cover with metal clips. Fairly good condition. (11-16) Sfbk 2.00
  History and genealogy of the Reed family; Johann Philib Ried, Rieth, Riedt, Ritt, Rit, Rudt, etc. in Europe and America by W. H. Reed, published by The Norristown Press, 1929.  529 pp. Indexed. Spine worn on top/bottom edges; marks on cover,  rear cover loose, but text in good condition. (8-15) Hdbk $100.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) The Transactions of the Rockefeller Family Association for 1915-1925 with Genealogy, ed. by Henry Oscar Rockefeller, M.D., 1926. Indexed, 294 pp. Cover is worn; library pocket and marks, but generally in good condition. Miscellaneous minutes of business meetings, genealogies, biographies of recently deceased. War service information. Hdbk 48.00
  The Roosevelt Genealogy 1649-1902, compiled by Charles Barney Whittelsey, reprint of 1902. J. B. Burr & Co. , Hartford, Conn.  127pp.  Sfbk 40.00
  Genealogical History of Our Ancestors, compiled by William Kenneth Rutherford and Anna Clay (Zimmerman) Rutherford, 1970. Self-printed.  549pp. Fine Condition Hdbk 110.00
  Descendants of Robert Stockton of Pennsylvania by Robert D Stockton, 2011.  Published by the author in Emporia, Kansas, 339 pp with a bibliography, references and an index.  Excellent condition with like-new dust cover.  No ISBN.  (3-14) Hdbk 18.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Forerunners, A History or Genealogy of the Strickler Families, their kith and kin, by Harry M. Strickler, privately published 1925. In fragile condition; a library tome which has passed through several hands. Library stamps. Paper is old; some pages are torn or loose, but the majority is still intact; text is readable and of value. Indexed, 425 pp. (4-16) Hdbk 39.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) The Family of John Henry Taylor, Jr. featuring family letters written during and after the Civil War, by Alice Paula Perkins Mortensen and Edwin Hjalmar Mortensen. 1995. Library pocket and stamps on inside cover, but book in excellent condition. 136 pp. Hdbk 25.00
  Certain Topics on the Ingham, Waterhouse and Allied Families, compiled by Carmack Waterhouse. 1974. Printed by Hubert E. Hodge Printing Co., Inc.  272pp., index. Good condition. Hdbk 20.00



How to Order

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Material Types: Hdbk = Hardback; Sfbk = Softback; CD = CD-ROM; Per = Periodical

Topic Citation Material Type Cost
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Black Family Research: Records of Post-Civil War Federal AGencies at the National Archives, Reference Information Paper 108, National Archives and Records Administration, Washington DC, 2001. . 21pp. [6-18] Sfbk 2.00
American West
  Women of the West,  by Rick Steber, 1988, 58 pgs.  Vol 5 in the series "Tales of the Wild West."  Published by Bonanza Publishing, Prineville OR.  Good copy.  ISBN: 0-945134-05-3  (4-14) Sfbk 1.00
  Women's Diaries of the Westward Journey,  by Lillian Schlissel.  Schocken Books, 1982.  262 pp with index.  Includes bibliography of overland diaries and other primary sources, as well as a table that outlines each diary presented in the book.  This copy is clean, tightly bound, but has one front endpaper removed.  ISBN: 0-8052-3774-7  (12-11) Hdbk 5.00
  Far From Home, families of the westward journey,  by Lillian Schlissel, Bill Gibbens and Elizabeth Hampsten.  Schocken Books, 1989.  264 pp with index.  Follows three families: one that came to Oregon Territory, one that came to Colorado and New Mexico, and one that settled in North Dakota  This copy is clean, tightly bound, has a faint water stain on top of some pages.  Dust cover.  ISBN: 0-8052-4052-7  (01-13) Hdbk 4.00
Circulating Library Catalog for the New England Historic Genealogical Society. Volume I & II 1998 (8th ed.). 600pp. Sfbk 10.00
  The 1790-1890 Federal Population Censuses, Catalog of National Archives Microfilm, 1997. Has highlighting and checkmarks throughout. Library pockets, marks and stamps, but generally good condition. These just list the microfilms, but may be useful in locating a film for a specific location where name doesn't appear in the indexes. Sfbk 3.00
  The 1910 Federal Population Census, Catalog of National Archives Microfilm, 1996.  Library pockets, marks and stamps, but generally good condition. These just list the microfilms, but may be useful in locating a film for a specific location where name doesn't appear in the indexes. Sfbk 3.00
  The 1920 Federal Population Census, Catalog of National ARchives Microfilm, 1991. Library pockets, marks and stamps, but generally good condition. These just list the microfilms, but may be useful in locating a film for a specific location where name doesn't appear in the indexes. sfbk 7.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) The American Census: A Social History, by Margo J. Anderson. Owner embossed; slight wear. Indexed; 257 pp. Very good condition. Sfbk 7.00
  American Population Before the Federal Census of 1790 by Evarts B. Greene and Virginia D. Harrington, Columbia University Press (2006).  228 pp, indexed.  New Condition.   ISBN:  0806313773.      (6-10)               2 copies Hdbk 20.00
Census Returns 1841-1881 on Microfilm, A Directory to Local Holdings, Fourth 1984 Edition, compiled by J.S.W. Gibson. England. Federation of Family History Societies. 48pp. Sfbk 5.00
A Century of Population Growth from the First Census of The United States to the Twelfth 1790-1900,  1989 Reprint of 1909 Edition.  303pp. Hdbk 15.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Encyclopedia of Local History and Genealogy, Census Encyclopedia, Series 1, Vol. 2. 885 pp. A database of tables organized by location and covering census records 1790-1900. Compiled by Ronald Vern Jackson, 1979.
Sfbk 20.00
  State Census Records by Ann S. Lainhart.  1992 printed by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.  116 pp.  ISBN:  0-8063-1362-5.  (7-09)(4-12)                  3 copies Hdbk 9.00
  United States Census compendium, compiled by John Stemmons. 1973 (1st printing). 144pp., bib. Excellent condition, orig. owner's bookplate. Hdbk 12.00
  U. S. State and Special Census Register, Volume I A-M,   compiled by G. Eileen Buckway and Fred Adams. 1992  printed by Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah. Good condition, ex-library. Hdbk 5.00
Copyright Guides
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Carmack's Guide to Copyright & Contracts, a primer for Genealogists, Writers & Researchers, by Sharon DeBartolo Carmack, 2005. Signed by the author.  Like New. Indexed, 119 pp. [1-18] Sfbk 15.00
   A to Zax: A Glossary of Terminology for Genealogists and Social Historians, by Barbara Jean Evans, 1983. 161 pp.
Sfbk 5.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) American Place-names, by George R. Stewart,1970.
550 pp. Pages yellowing but otherwise in good cond. [11/22]
Sfbk 5.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) American Place Names of Long Ago, by Gilbert S Bahn, excerpted and reprinted from 1898 Crams Unrivaled Atlas of the World,  Gen Pub Co. 1998.  347pp Excellent condition. [11/22] Hdbk 5.00
   Ancestry's Concise Genealogical Dictionary, compiled by Maurine and Glen Harris, 1989. Very good condition. 246 pp. ISBN 0-916489-06-X  (8-16) Sfbk 5.00
    The Genealogist's Dictionary by Frances Dunfee Larson. 1986, Self-printed.  129 pp. Good condition.  2 copies (12-16) Sfbk 4.00
   Mini Dictionary for research in foreign genealogical records, vol. 1, Everton Publishing, Inc. (pamphlet) Definitions for basic document terminology in various languages.
20 pp. (8-16)
Sfbk 1.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, 1977. 1370pp Global focus. Very useful for finding obscure locations. Good condition. [11/22] Hdbk 10.00
DNA References
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Trace Your Roots with DNA, Using Genetic Tests to Explore Your Family Tree, by Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak and Ann Turner, 2004. Pencil notes on cover page.  272pp Sfbk 3.00
Family Stories
  Black Sheep and Kissing Cousins: How our Family Stories Shape Us, by Elizabeth Stone, 1988. Penguin Books. 254 pp. [5-18] sfbk $5.00
Genealogy Guides
  500 Brickwall Solutions to Genealogy Problems by the publishers of Family Chronicle Magazine, 2003, 405 pp with index.  Like new condition.  ISBN: 0-9731303-1-8  (03-14) Sfbk 6.00
A Basic Course in Genealogy, Volume 1, by David E.. Gardner, Derek Harland, Frank Smith.  Second edition 1958. 399 pp. Published by Bookcraft, Inc.  Good condition.  Hdbk 3.00
   Ancestry's Guide to Research, Case Studies in American Genealogy, by
Johni Cerny & Arlene Eakle, 1985. Indexed; 364 pp. ISBN 0-916489-01-9  (1-16)
Sfbk 4.00
   Ancestry’s Red Book, American State, County & Town Sources, edited by Alice Eichholz, Ancestry Publishing, 1989. Prev. owner address label inside cover, but in very good condition, if outdated.  ISBN 0-916489-47-7 Hdbk 5.00
   Applied Genealogy, by Eugene A. Stratton, 1988.  Good condition; edge splashed with coffee stains, but content unaffected. Not just a how-to; goes into analyzing sources and how genealogy has been used as proof for various purposes. Indexed, 329 pp. ISBN 0-916489-32-9 [4-19] Sfbk 5.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) The Archives, A Guide to the National Archives Field Branches, by Loretto Dennis Szucs & Sandra Hargreaves Luebking. Ancestry Publishing, 1988. Previous owner signature and address stamp inside cover sheet. In very good condition, if outdated. Small tear in the dust jacket. ISBN: 0-916489-23-X (11-15) Hdbk 5.00
Building an American Pedigree, by Norman E. Wright. 1974. 340pp. Good condition.  ISBN: 0-8425-0899-6. Sfbk 5.00
  County Courthouse Book, by Elizabeth Petty Bentley.  Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1991. 386 pp.   Good condition.  ISBN: 080631284-X. 
(3-11)  two copies
Sfbk 4.00, 5.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Courthouse Indexes Illustrated, by Christine Rose. San Jose, California, 2006. ISBN 0-929626-17-6. Index, 58 pp. (2-16) Sfbk 18.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Cyndi's List:  A Comprehensive List of 40,000 Genealogy Sites on the Internet, by Cyndi Howells. 1999. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.  858pp.  Very good condition. 
ISBN: 0-8063-1556-3.
2 copies (11-15)
Sfbk 5.00
  Directory of Family Associations - 1993-94 Edition by Elizabeth Petty Bentley. 1993 by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.  336 pp.  New condition.  ISBN: 0806313838. (7-09) Sfbk 1.00
  Don't Cry "Timber!":  Genealogical Research Guide by Prudence Groff Michael. 1970, Sixth Printing 1978, Self-Printed.  75 pp.  ISBN:  0960093214.  (7-09) Sfbk 5.00
  Encyclopedia of Local History and Genealogy, U.S. Counties, Series 1, Volume 1, by Donald Vern Jackson, 1977. Accelerated Indexing Systems, Inc.  Very good condition. Hdbk 20.00
  Evidence!  Citation & Analysis for the Family Historian, by Elizabeth Shown Mills, 1997. printed by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.   New condition.  ISBN: 0-8063-1543-1.
Hdbk 7.50
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Finding Your Roots by Jeane Eddy Westin, 1977. A basic guide to beginning genealogical research. The National Historical Society. References out of date. Indexed;
243 pp. ISBN 0-87477-060-2 2 copies (1-16)

WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) For All Time: A Complete Guide to Writing Your Family History, by Charley Kempthorne; pub. by Boynton/Cook, 1996.
150 pp.
 Cover has a scratch, and cover page has an owner’s embossed mark, but otherwise in very good condition. ISBN 0-86709-381-1  (10-15) 

Sfbk 5.00

WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) From Family Tree to Family History: Studying Family and Community History, 19th and 20th Centuries. Ed. Ruth Finnegan and Michael Drake, Cambridge University Press, 1994. 196 pp  Previous owner embossed stamp on cover page. Cover has some slight crease marks, but otherwise in excellent condition. ISBN 0-521-46577-X (10-15) 

Sfbk 1.00
  Genealogical Research Directory, National and International by Keith A. Johnson and Malcolm R. Sainty, McPherson's Printing Group, Melbourne (1997). 1200 pp.Good Condition.  ISBN:  0908120931.  3 copies    (6-10) Sfbk 5.00
Genealogical Research in England and Wales, Volume 1 & 2, by David E. Gardner and Frank Smith. published by Bookcraft Publishers, Salt Lake City, UT.  1978. 292pp. Good condition with cover, slightly smokey aroma.  Hdbk 10.00 Set
Genealogical Research: Methods and Sources, revised edition, Volumes 1 and 2, edited by Milton Rubincam (Vol 1) and Kenn Stryker-Rodda (Vol 2). Published by the American Society of Genealogists in 1980, 1983.  579pp and 372pp.  Some shelf wear on the covers.  Text is clean and tightly bound.  (4-12)  (Two sets available) Hdbk Vol 1 $25, vol 2 $20

or 2-vol set for $37.00

Genealogist's Address Book, by Elizabeth Petty Bentley. 1995 (Third Edition). 653pp. Excellent condition. ISBN 0-8063-1455-9 Sfbk 2.00
Genealogist's Handbook for New England Research, by New England Library Association Bibliography Committee, Marcia W. Wiswall, chairman.  Revised and updated Feb 1981.129 pgs.  Fair condition, prior owner's signature on cover. Spiral bound sfbk
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)Genealogist's Handbook for New England Research ed. by Marcia D. Melnyk. 4th Edition. Published by New England Historic Genealogical Society 1999. Excellent condition. 222pp.
ISBN 10: 0880821051 ISBN 13: 9780880821056 (9-15)
Sfbk 15.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Genealogy for Beginners, by Arthur J. Willis. British focus. Good discussion of kinds of sources.  Owner address tag on front sheet. 1979. ISBN: 0-85033-346-6. Hdbk 1.00
 Genealogy Online, researching Your Roots, Web Edition, by Elizabeth Powell Crowe. 1998. 293pp. As New condition with donor mark. ISBN 0-07-014722-1 Sfbk 2.00
Guide to Records in the National Archives -- Pacific Northwest Region, Seattle, WA,  compiled by Susan Karren, Laura McCarthy and Nancy Malan. 1994. 56pp. Very good condition.  (2 copies) Sfbk 7.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) The Handy Book for Genealogists, 8th ed. Published by the Everton Publishers, Inc. 1991, 323 pp. and map section, 56 pp. General guide to genealogical resources in the United States by state, with an additional section on some other countries. Hardcover book in very good condition. (10-16) Hdbk 7.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)The Handy Book for Genealogists, 7th ed. Published by the Everton Publishers, Inc. 1981, 4th printing 1984, 370 pgs. General guide to genealogical resources in the United States by state, with an additional section on some other countries. Hardcover book in very good condition. (No ISBN)(8-15) Hdbk $5.00
  The Handy Book for Genealogists, 6th ed. Published by the Everton Publishers, Inc. 1971, 2nd printing, 297 pgs. General guide to genealogical resources in the United States by state, with an additional section on some other countries. Hardcover book in fair condition. (8-15)  Hdbk $5.00
  Hidden Sources: family history in unlikely places. by Laura Szucs Pfeiffer.  Ancestry Publishing, 2001, 292 pp.  Some pencil marking on Table of Contents, otherwise like new with fine dustcover.  ISBN: 0-916489-86-8  (01-12) Hdbk 15.00
  Historic Western Churches. by Lambert Florin (1969) Superior Publishing Co.  192 pp, First Edition. Index to churches and denominations.  LCCN: 73-87805.  Ex library; cover and end papers have tape and marks remaining from lost dust jacket.  Some discoloration due to age, but reproduced photographs are clear. 
Hdbk 5.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)How to Trace your Family History: a basic guide to Genealogy, by Bill R. Linder, Everest House Pubishers, New York, 1978. 187 pp. Fair condition. Dust jacket in book cover. Library tags and markings. Large red ink spot on edge, which does not impact text. ISBN: 0-89696-022-6
Hdbk 3.50
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) In Search of Ancestry, by Gerald Hamilton-Edwards, 1974. British focus. Good discussion of kinds of sources. ISBN: 0-85033-339-3 (3-16) Hdbk 3.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) In Search of your European Roots: A Complete Guide to Tracing Your Ancestors in Every Country in Europe, by Angus Baxter, 1985. Indexed; 292 pp.  Genealogical Publishing, Inc. ISBN 0-8063-1114-2 (10-15) Sfbk 3.00

WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)  Kinship: It’s All Relative, by Jackie Smith Arnold, 2nd ed.

Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1994

Family structure, health, responsibilities, paperwork themes that dovetail with genealogical research. 109 pp. In excellent condition

ISBN 0-8063-1444-3 (10-15)
Sfbk 7.50
   Kinship, its all relative, by Jackie Smith Arnold, Genealogical Publishing Co, Inc. 1990. 66 pp.  Ex library copy with outer library binding over original cover.  Very good condition.  ISBN: 0-8063-1273-4   (11-11) Sfbk 3.00
Long-Distance Genealogy: researching your family history from home, by Christine Crawford-Oppenheimer. 2000. 246 pp., bibliography, index. ISBN 1-5587-0535-X.  New. Sfbk 9.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Managing a Genealogical Project, by William Dollarhide.  Updated 1999. Excellent guide for getting started the right way; useful for newbies, manual files and computer set ups. Blank forms you can copy. ISBN 0-8063-1222-X S [3-23] 4 copies Sfbk 5.00

 Managing a Genealogical Project, by William Dollarhide, A complete manual for the management and organization of genealogical materials with sheets that can be photocopied.
69 pp. Embossed by previous owner.

Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1989.

ISBN 0-8063-1222-X

   More Brickwall Solutions to Genealogy Problems, from the Publishers of Family chronicle Magazine, 2004. In excellent condition.165pp (3-17) Sfbk 4.00
National Genealogical Society Syllabus: 1991 Conference in the States - "The End of the Oregon Trail" hosted by the Genealogical Forum of Oregon, Inc, by 369 pp, with index of speakers. Contains short synopses of papers presented at the conference.  This copy is in good shape, but contains brief notes for papers attended by original owner.  No ISBN.  (3-14) Sfbk 5.00
Netting your ancestors: genealogical research on the Internet, by Cyndi Howells. 1997. 182pp., index, glossary. ISBN 0-8063-1546-6 Sfbk 5.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Newspaper Genealogical Column Directory by Anita Cheek Milner. 3rd ed. 1987. Heritage Books, Inc. 

Location entries in alphabetical order. 94 pp.

A little worn but in good condition. ISBN 1-55613-046-5 (10-15)
Hdbk 6.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) The Orphan Trains: placing out in America, by Marilyn Irvin Holt. 1994. University of Nebraska Press, 1994. Brand new paperback in excellent condition.  ISBN 0-8032-7265-0 Sfbk 6.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Parish Registers, by Eve Mclaughlin, Federation of Family History Societies.1986. 33 pp pamphlet focused on England with brief reference to Scotland, Ireland and the Commonwealth. Library marks on first page, but text in good condition.
ISBN 0-907099-56-4 (12-15)
Sfbk 5.00

WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Pitfalls in Genealogical Research, by Milton Rubincam; pub. by Ancestry, 1987.  74 pp. Slightly worn looking, but very good condition.

ISBN 0-916489-28-0 (10-15) 

Sfbk 5.00
   Printed Sources:  A Guide to Published Genealogical Records by Kory L. Meyerink.  1998. 840pps. New condition.  ISBN:  0-916489-70-1.  2 copies. (7-09) Hdbk 3.00
  Planting Your Family Tree Online, How to Create Your Own Family History Web Site by Cyndi Howells ((2003) Rutledge Hill Press.  259 pp, indexed.  New Condition. ISBN:  1401600220     (7-10) Sfbk 2.00

WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Principles of the Law of Real Property, by Joshua Williams, Esq. with notes and references to American decisions by William Henry Rawle. Philadelphia, 1857. Old and fragile, leather cover with scuffed corners and worn areas, but text is in good condition. Law book. Useful for understanding property transactions.

Indexed; 434 pp. (10-15)
Hdbk 15.00
 Recording Your Family History: A guide to preserving oral history with video tape, audio tape, suggested topics & questions, and interview techniques, by William Fletcher. 313 pgs.  Very good condition.  1989
ISBN: 0-396-08887-2
2 copies: Second copy cover a bit warped; library pocket and stamps, but generally in good condition.
  The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy, by Val D. Greenwood. 1990. 609pp., index.  2 copies: 1st edition. Dust cover shredded; name and library pocket, marks, stamps on cover sheets, but book itself is in very good condition. 
2nd edition in excellent condition. Library pocket, marks, stamps on cover sheet. ISBN 0-8063-1267-X   (7-09) (6-16)
Hdbk 7.50
  Spanish Records Extraction / an instructional guide by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 1981. Pages numbered by instructional units.  Many illustrations.  Punched for use in 3-hole binder.  Cover slightly worn, text clean.  No ISBN.  (3-12) Sfbk 10.00

 Tracing your Family History, by Stella Colwell

Teach Yourself series; NTC Publishing Group, 1977. 296 pp.

Slightly worn looking, but in very good condition. British based research guide. (10-15)

Sfbk 1.00
  Unpuzzling Your Past: A Basic Guide to Genealogy, Third Edition, by Emily Anne Croom.  1995. 180pp. Betterway Books.  Good Condition.  ISBN: 1-55870-396-9. Sfbk 7.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

Unofficial Guide to, Nancy Hendrickson, 2014. 254 pp. Excellent condition.

Sfbk 5.00
  Vital Records Compendium by John D. & E. Diaane Stemmons ( 1979) Self-Printed.  320 pp, indexed.  Very good condition.     (7-10) Hdbk 5.00
  Vital Records Handbook, by Thomas J. Kemp.  Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. 1988. 231 pp.  Guide to acquiring vital records from official sources in the United States, Territories and some foreign countries.  Includes forms. Good condition.  ISBN: 0806312203. Sfbk 11.00

Wells’ Every Man His Own Lawyer and Business Form Book.  A Complete Guide in all matters of law and business negotiations, for every state in the union.

by John G. Wells, 1877 Indexed, 612pp

Interesting historic book of what ordinary folk might have used to prepare contracts, wills etc. when a lawyer was not available. Legal terms defined.

Old, fragile, writing on back inside cover and cover in rough condition,  but text is in good condition overall.

Hdbk 60.00
Immigration / Emigration / Naturalization
American Naturalization Processes and Procedures 1790-1985, by John J Newman.  Indiana Historical Society, 1985, reprinted 1976.  43  pp, clean text, good condition.  No ISBN.  (3-12) Sfbk 15.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) American Passenger Arrival Records, A Guide to the Records of Immigrants Arriving at American Ports by Sail and Steam by Michael Tepper, Genealogical Publishing Co. (1993).  142 pp.  Good Condition.  ISBN:  0806313803.    (3-17)
4 copies
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Ellis Island: Gateway to America. by Loretta Dennis Szucs, 1986. Published by Ancestry. 31 pp. Very good condition. Sfbk
Ellis Island Interviews - in their own words, by Peter Morton Coan.  Checkmark Books, 1997, 432 pp.  Very good condition.  ISBN: 0-8160-3548-2  (11-11) Soft cover 5.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Guide to Naturalization Records in the United States, by Christina K. Schaefer. 1997. 62pp. Excellent condition. ISBN 0-8063-1532-6 (1-16) Hdbk 20.00
  How to Trace Your Ancestors to Europe, by Hugh T. Law, editor and author, 1987. Case studies traced to 20 different countries. Very good condition; small note on cover sheet. Indexed, 420 pp. ISBN 0935775-00-5 [4-19] Sfbk 5.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Immigrant ancestors, a list of 2500 immigrants to America before 1750, edited by Frederick Adams Virkus. Evidence (extracted from volume VII of the Compendium of American Genealogy, 1942)  Re-published by Genealogical Publishing Co 1986Entries in alphabetical order; 75 pp.  Very good condition.  ISBN: 0-933227-14-0  (10-15) Sfbk 12.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Immigrants to America Appearing in English Records, by Frank Smith, 1976. Everton Publishers, Inc., 1976. Indexed, 117 pp. In excellent condition. Owner stamp inside cover. (2-16) Hdbk 15.00
  List of Emigrants from England to America 1682-1692 transcribed by Michael Ghirelli(1968) reprint 1989 Genealogical Publishing Co.  106 pp, indexed.  New Condition.  ISBN:  0806312483    (6-10) Hdbk 18.00
  Locating your immigrant ancestor by James C and Lila Lee Neagles.  Everton Publishers, 1975.  153 pp.  Ex library.  Some soil and marking on pages; binding near end of book is starting to come loose.  (4-12) Hdbk 5.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) They came in ships - a guide to finding your immigrant ancestor's arrival record by John P Colletta.  Published by ancestry publishing, 2002.  165 pp.  Third edition, updated and revised.  VG condition.  ISBN: 0-916489-37-X  (7-12)
2nd cc: 1993 edition, excellent condition, 93pp (3-17)
Sfbk 2002
Sfbk 1993
  Wilderness for Sale, the Story of the First Western Land Rush by Walter Havighurst (1956) Hastings House, Publishers.  372 pp, indexed.  Good condition.  (6-10) Hdbk 5.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Women's Diaries of the Westward Journey, by Lillian Schlessel. 1992.   Index, 278pp. Interesting stories plus photos. Cover has slight crease; otherwise in excellent condition.
ISBN 0-8052-1004-0 (12-15)
Sfbk 5.00
  Wuerttemberg Emigration Index, Vol 1 by Trudy Schenk, Ruth Froelke and Inge Bork, 1986, 230 pp.  Published by Ancestry, Incorporated. Like new, with one short written note on last page facing back cover.  Dust cover has 1-inch tear on front panel.  ISBN: 0-916489-08-6  (3-14) Hdbk 12.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Marriage, Census, and other Indexes for Family Historians, ed. by Jeremy Gibson, 2nd Ed. Federation of Family History Societies, 1986. Guide to United Kingdom resources. 40 pp pamphlet. ISBN 0-907099-51-3  (12-15) Sfbk 5.00
Jewish Genealogy
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Land Ownership Maps: A checklist of 19th c U. S. County Maps in the Library of Congress, compiled by Richard W. Stephenson, Library of Congress, Washington: 1967.  Indexed, 86 pp.  Cover has small tears, paper is yellowed. Out of date, but items can be checked online at the Library of Congress site. [3-23] Sfbk 5.00
  Land & Property Research in the United States by E. Wade Hone. 1997. Ancestry, Inc.  517pp., indexed. New condition. ISBN: 0-916489-68-x  2 copies (7-10) Hdbk 25.00

 Locating Your Roots: Discover your Ancestors Using Land Records, by Patricia Law Hatcher, Betterway Books,, 2003.

Indexed; 211 pp.

ISBN 1-55870-614-3 (10-15)

Sfbk 5.00
 Research in the Land Entry files of the General Land Office, reference information paper 114. National Archives and Records Administration, 2007. (4-16)
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Searching American Land and Deed Records, by Fran Carter, 1998. 54 pp. Useful guide for those with no knowledge of terminology etc. [3-23] Sfbk 15.00
  The Library: a guide to the LDS Family History Library, edited by John Cerny and Wendy Elliott. 1988 (1st printing). 763pp. Very good condition, w/dust cover. Hdbk 24.00
Lineage Society Resources

WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) DAR Patriot Index, National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, 1967 Cover scuffed, shelf worn, cover loosening; prev owner address stamp on cover sheet, a little minor page corner crumblings, but text in very good condition. 771 pp. (10-15)

Hdbk 4.00

WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) DAR Patriot Index, Vol III: An Index to the Spouses of the DAR Patriots

National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, 1986. 829 pp. Prev. owner address label on front cover sheet. Excellent condition. (10-15)

Hdbk 35.00

WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) DAR Patriot Index, Centennial Edition, Parts I, II & III, National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Centennial Administration, 1990. 3 vol set; prev. owner address label on cover sheet. Slightly shelf worn, edges a little dirty, but text in very good condition.

Part 1: A-F , pp. 1-1109

Part 2: G-O, pp. 1110-2004

Part 3: P-Z, pp. 2005-3335
Hdbk 30.00
for set
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Hereditary Register of the United States of America, 1972, compiled by John Rountree. Library pocket and stamps. Lists all the various hereditary societies (e.g. Daughters of the American Revolution), with information on membership requirements, leadership, etc. Oversize. 474pp. Very good condition Hdbk
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Atlas of American History, by Martin Gilbert, 1984 edition by Dorset Press, originally published 1968.  112 pp of maps. Book in Very Good Condition; dust cover has minor wear.  ISBN: 0-88029-016-1   (3-14)
2nd copy has owner seal embossed on inside cover sheet, very good condition. (2-16)
Hdbk 5.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Landmarks of the American Revolution, A guide to locating and knowing what happened at the sites of independence, by Mark M. Boatner III, New York: Hawthorn Books, Inc., 1975. Donation plate and library marks on inside cover and title page. Maps and diagrams. Creased spine, but book appears intact. Cover shows its age, but book is in
very good condition. Indexed, 608 pp. (1-16)
Sfbk 4.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Locality Finding Aids for U. S. Surnames by John F. Vallentine, pub. by The Everton Publishers, Inc. Arranged by states. 67 pp. pamphlet. 1975. Prev. owner's name on cover but text in very good condition (one page with neat underlining). (2-16) Sfbk 5.00
  Map Guide to American Migration Routes, 1735-1815, by William Dollarhide, 1997, 41 pgs with index and maps.  Like new condition, signed by the author.  ISBN: 1-877677-74-4 
Sfbk 20.00
Military Records
   Farewell to Valley Forge, by David Taylor, 1955. Well researched fiction with bibliography. Very good condition. Book plate. Hdbk 5.00
  History and Lineage Book, National Society Women Descendants of the Ancient & Honorable Artillery Company. 1940.  Very good condition. Sfbk 40.00
   How to Locate Anyone Who Is or Has Been in the Military, Armed Forces Locator Directory, by Lt. Col. Richard S. Johnson, 5th ed. San Antonio, TX, MIE Publishing, 1993. Very good condition, indexed, 247 pp. 2 copies. ISBN (2-19) Sfbk 4.00

 Military Service Records: A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications.

National Archives Trust Fund Board; National Archives and Records Administration, 1985.

Prev owner address label on cover sheet, but in excellent condition. ISBN 0-911333-07-X (10-15)

Sfbk 3.53
   Military Sources, Queries & Reviews, Vol. 2. Stapled binding. 31 pp. Family Publications, Marysville, WA. 1994. (2-19) Sfbk 1.00

The Official Records of the Oregon Volunteers in the Spanish War and Philippine Insurrection, compiled by Brig. General C. U. Gantenbein, 2d ed., Salem, 1908. Damaged cover and broken binding; last page of index missing [goes through Welch] 646 pp. But text appears intact with photos and company lists of the volunteers. Worthwhile source. [3-23]

Sfbk 25.00
Pierce's Register:  Register of the Certificates Issued by John Pierce, Esquire, Paymaster General and Commissioner of Army Accounts for the United States, to Officers and Soldiers of the Continental Army Under Act of July 4, 1783, seventeenth Report of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  1987, published by Genealogical Printing Co., Baltimore, MD.  566 pp. Very good condition.  ISBN: 0-8063-0527-4. Hdbk 25.00
  Tracing Your Civil War Ancestor, by Bertram Hawthorne Groene, 1973, A complete guide to tracking down your ancestors’ Civil War adventures, North and South. Excellent condition. ISBN 0-345-36192-X Indexed, 119 pp. [4-19] Sfbk 4.00
Native Americans
How to research American Indian Blood Lines by Cecelia Svinth Carpenter. Library tags, ink mark on cover. Corner creases. Owner tag. coffee stain on fly page. Some ink and pencil marks throughout.  Photos. Fair condition. 81 pp. (8-15) Sfbk 3.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)

The Trail of Tears: The Story of the American Indian Removals 1813-1855, Gloria Jahoda. 1975. Indexed, 356 pp. Excellent condition.

Hdbk 5.00
Newspaper Research
   Newspaper Genealogical Column Directory, 3rd ed., by Anita Cheek Milner, Heritage Books, Inc. 1987. ISBN: 1-55613-046-5 [5-18] Sfbk 3.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Newspaper Genealogical Column Directory, 4th ed., by Anita Cheek Milner, Heritage Books, Inc. 1989. ISBN: 1-55613-184-4 [5-18] Sfbk 4.00
Non-Genealogical Works
   American Intellectual History: The Development of the Discipline, by Arthur A. Ekirch, jr. American Historical Associaiton AHA Pamplhlets 102.Index. 43 pp. 1973 (12-15) Sfbk 5.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) America’s Hidden History: Untold Tales of the First Pilgrims, Fighting Women, and Forgotten Founders Who Shaped a Nation, by Kenneth C. Davis, HarperCollins, 2008. Very good cond. Index 272 pp. Dustcover intact. (2-19) Hdbk 4.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) The Estabishment of the European Hegemony: 1415-1715, by J. H. Parry, Trade and Exploration in the Age of the Renaissance, 3rd ed, Harper Torchbooks, 1966. Good condition, cover has vertical fold in it. Indexed, 176 pp. ISBN 0-06-131045-X (2-19) Sfbk 3.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) The Industrial Revolutionaries, the Making of the Modern World, 1776-1914, by Gavin Weightman, Grove Press, 2007, Very good condition; indexed 422 pp. ISBN 13: 978-0-8021-4484-3 (2-19) Sfbk 3.00
   Iron Road to Empire, The history of 100 years of the progress and achievements of the Rock Island Lines, by William Edward Hayes, 1953. Dust cover protected by plastic cover. Owner inscription on title page. Paper showing some age discoloration, but book, text and photo section all in very good condition. Indexed, 306 pp. 
Hdbk 10.49
  Psychic Roots: Serendipity & Intuition in Genealogy, by Henry Z. Jones, Jr. Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., 1993. Very good condition, library marks; indexed, 236 pp.
ISBN 0 8063 1388 9 S $ 5.00 [5-2-19]
Sfbk 5.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) More Dating Old Photographs, 1840-1929, introduction by Maureen Taylor, a Family Chronicle publication. Explanatory introduction with dated sections of myriad photos for comparison.  8.5 x 11" book on glossy paper Sfbk  
Ancestors of American Presidents: preliminary edition, compiled by Gary Boyd Roberts. 1989. 306pp., indexes. New condition.. ISBN 0-936124-14-8. (7-09) Hdbk 40.00
WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)Ancestors of American Presidents: First Authoritative Edition, compiled by Gary Boyd Roberts and Julie Helen Otto, published 1995 by Carl Boyer, Santa Clarita CA. 456 pgs. Good condition with some highlighting by previous owner. ISBN 0-936124-19-9 Hdbk 90.00
Recreational Genealogy
World's Funniest Epitaphs by Ronald A. Bremer.  1983 by Roots Digest.  200 pp.  (7-09) Sfbl 15.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) The Huguenots in America: A Refugee People in New World Society, by Jon Butler, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1983. Indexed 364 pp. ISBN 0-674-41321-0 (2-19) Sfbk 15.00
   A Survey of American Church Records, Vol. 2, by e. Kay kirkham, 1960, Deseret Book Co. 106 pp. Very good condition; some library info and stamps. Hdbk 4.00
American Presbyterians:  A Pictorial History, Journal of Presbyterian History, Spring & Summer 1985, by James H. Smylie.  269 pp. Pub by Presbyterian Historical Society.  Like new.  ISSN: 0022-3883 Sfbk 7.00
Revolutionary War
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Founding Mothers: Women of America in the Revolutionary Era, by Linda Grant de Pauw, New York: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1975. Very good condition, indexed, 228 pp. ISBN 0-395-70109-0 (2-19) Sfbk 4.00
  Was Your Grandfather a Railwayman? A directory of railway archive sources for family historians by Tom Richards, 1988, 40 pp.  Published by the Federation of Family History Societies in Birmingham, England. Covers United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Eire, India, New Zealand, and the United States.  Former library copy with shelf labels and bar code, otherwise in very good condition.  (03-14) Sfbk 20.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Founding Mothers: Women of America in the Revolutionary Era, by Linda Grant de Pauw, New York: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1975. Very good condition, indexed, 228 pp. ISBN 0-395-70109-0 (2-19) Sfbk 4.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes)A Midwife’s Tale, The Life of Martha Ballard based on Her Diary, 1785-1812, by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, Vintage Books, Random House, INc., New York, first Heritage Book edition June 1991. Good condition. Yellowing with age, a few folded corners at rear. Indexed, 444pp. ISBN 0-679-73376-0 (2-19) Sfbk 4.00
  WB01395_.gif (262 bytes) Women in Old Norse Society, by Jenny Jochens, 1995. Excellent sociological history of women's role in Old Iceland and Norway. Interesting narrative, good notes, full bibliography, and indexed. 266 pp. Excellent condition including dust cover. Hdbk 50.00
Writing Family History

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