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Location Sub-location Title Author/Comp./Editor
Switzerland List of Swiss Emigrants in the 18th Century to American  Colonies, Vol. 1 & 2, Zurich, 1734-1744 Albert B. Faust
Switzerland Research Aids for Switzerland Arta F. Johnson
Switzerland See:  Century of Emigration from Affolteren am Albis, Canton Zurich, Switzerland
Switzerland See:  German & Swiss Settlements of Colonial Pennsylvania (filed in Pennsylvania General)
Switzerland See:  Immigration from Switzerland to Pennsylvania and Carolina 1734 - 1744 See:  NGSQ 7:54: 8:17, 33
Switzerland Tracing Swiss Ancestry in America & Switzerland
Switzerland Zurich See:  Rifferewill, Canton of Zurich, Census list for 1678; Mennonite Fam. Hist. 4:97 ff.; 1649-1670 Census for Mennonite Fam.; Mennonite Fam. Hist. 4:14 (magazine filed in reference/Mennonite

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