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Location Sub-location Title Author/Comp/Editor
C Families CABE/MCCABE Descendants of Ames, Samuel, Stephen & Zechariah Cabe(mccabe) Wheatcraft & Keener
C Families CABE/MCCABE Genealogy of 1500 Descendants Of Amos, Samuel, Stephen & Zachariah Cabe (Mccabe)
C Families CABELL Cabells & Their Kin Alexander Brown
C Families CAGLE What in the World Was Happening in the Life of Thelma Sigurdson Cagle? Vol. 1 Thelma S. Cagle
C Families CAHOON Cahoon Family History
C Families CALKINS Calkins Family in American Kenneth W. Calkins, Editor
C Families CALKINS Calkins World Calkins Family Association
C Families CALVERT Calvert Family
C Families CAMERON Lt. John Cameron & His Descendants (Nova Scotia & New Brunswick)
C Families CAMP Ancestors of Desc. of Frederick Tracy Camp
C Families CAMP Ancestry and Descendants of Frederick Tracy Camp and his wife, Marion Fee. 
C Families CAMP Camp, John, Revolutionary Data (See microfilm roll #2)
C Families CAMPBELL Campbell Clan
C Families CAMPBELL Campbell Genealogy Henry Lee
C Families CAMPBELL Clan Campbell Society
C Families CAMPBELL Journal of Clan of Campbell Soc. Of No. America
C Families CANTINE Cantine Family:  Descendants of Moses Cantine Alice Cantine Huntington
C Families CAPRON Genealogy of the Descendants of Banfield Capron
C Families CAREWS Carews of Beddington Ronald Michell
C Families CARMACK Carmack Family Genealogy Charles W. Peckham, Sr.
C Families CARPENTER Carpenter Family of R. I.
C Families CARPENTER Carpenters of Virginia.
C Families CARR Carr Family Records Edsom I. Carr 
C Families CARR See:  I am Because They Were
C Families CARRELL Carrell Genealogy
C Families CARRICO Carrico Family Homer Edward Carrico
C Families CARRINGTON Carrington:  Brief Historical Sketch of Name and Family Mary Ethel Tilley
C Families CARTER Biography of the Carter-Powers-Bassett Family; Nine Generations in the Context of American History Elaine Gordon
C Families CARTER Carter Family History 52 pp. (See microfilm roll #4) J. M. Seaver 
C Families CARTER Carter Family of Lancaster Co., VA
C Families CARTER Documents Regarding Carter, Powers, Bassett
C Families CARTER Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas Carter of Reading and Weston, MA and of Hebron & Warren CT: also some desc. of brothers Eleazer, Daniel, Ebenezer and Ezra sons of Thomas Carter and Grandsons of Rev. Thomas Carter, 1642 Howard Williston Carter
C Families CARTER History of the Carter Family American Genealogical Research Institute
C Families CASEBIER Casebier-Chenoweth Family
C Families CASS Cass Clippings, Vol. 1 Dorfner, Beverly (Sweet)
C Families CASTER Family Genealogy The News-Caster
C Families CASTER Some Caster/Castor Genealogies from Western PA and Ohio
C Families CASTOR Castor Family of Pennsylvania (and) Castor Family of New York George Castor Martin (and) Henry A. J. Castor
C Families CAUDELL Caudell's of Wilkes Co., NC & Eastern KY
C Families CHADSEY Descendants of William Chadsey
C Families CHAMBERLAIN Ancestry of Chamberlin and Grant, Vol. 1, 2 & 3 Henderson, June G.
C Families CHAMBERLAIN Chamberlain Family of Chester Co., PA
C Families CHAMBERS Chambers Bulletin Vol. IV Nos. 1 & 2
C Families CHAMBERS Chambers Helping Chambers Vol. IV #1, 2 (filed in Misc. Families)
C Families CHAMPION Champion Genealogy
C Families CHANDLER Discovering Chandler Lines 1475-1996 in Tennessee Death Records 1908-1944 Philip A. Gowan and John R. Russell, transcribers
C Families CHAPMAN Chapman Family History; From our earliest documented roos in Pickens Co., Sc in 1798 Chapman, Ira T., Jewell Lambert Chapman & Nancy Chapman Crayton
C Families CHAPMAN Genealogy of Edward Chapman of Ipswich, MA
C Families CHAPMAN Robert Chapman-David Thomson Allied Family Lines Dorothy Chapman Saunders
C Families CHARLEMAGNE Pedigrees of Some of the Emperor Charlemagne's Descendants Vol. II Aleen L. Langston & J. Orton Buck, Jr., comp.
C Families CASS Ada Ball Cass, Descendant of John Cass 1620-1675 Cass, Earle Millard
C Families CHAUNCY Memorials of the Chaunceys, including President Chauncy Fowler, William Chauncey
C Families CHENEY Cheney Genealogy Charles Henry Pope
C Families CHENEY Cheney Genealogy (First Six Generations)
C Families CHILD/CHILDS Genealogy of the Child, Childs and Childe Family Elias Child
C Families CHILES Chiles and Allied Families (From the Kentucky His. Soc. Quarterly)  Filed with More Families
C Families CHILLINGWORTH Chillingworth Family History Chillingworth, Charles C.
C Families CHILTON Mayflower Families through Five Generations Vol. 15 James Chilton & Richard More 
C Families CHILTON Mayflower Families through Five Generations Vol. 2 Chilton, James Moore, Richard & Rogers, Thomas
C Families CHIPMAN Chipman Family (5 Genealogy)
C Families CHOATE Choate Family Genealogy (24 pp See microfilm roll #19) Beatty
C Families CHURCH Descendants of Richard Church of Plymouth, Mass. Church, John A.
C Families CHURCH Supplemental Notes to Richard Church of Plymouth, MA Waterman, Helen
C Families CHURCHILL Early Churchills:  An English Family A. L. Rowse
C Families CLAGUE Ancestory of Charles E. Clague, Jr. Charles E. Clague, Jr.
C Families CLAIBORNE Claiborne Pedigree, a Genealogy Table of the Descendants of Secretary William Claiborne G. M. Claiborne
C Families CLAPP Record of the Clapp Family in America Ebenezer Clapp
C Families CLARK Ancestors of Florence Seymour Clark Karen E. Bridgeman
C Families CLARK Clark Genealogy, Some Descendants of Daniel Clark of Windsor, Conn. 1639-1913 Emma Lee Walton
C Families CLARK Early Clark Clues Harry D. Roberts
C Families CLARK Family of Deacon George Clark of Milford, CT
C Families CLARK Genealogy of the Clark Family 1541-1907
C Families CLARK/CLARKE History and Genealogy of Samuel Clark, Sr., 1639-1879 Rev. Edgar U. Clark
C Families CLARK(E) Loyalist Clarks, Badgleys, and Allied Families, Part I  Ancestors and Descendants of Matthias & Rachel (Abbott) Badgley; Part II Robert & Isabel (Ketchum) Clark(e), U. E. Loyalists & Their Descendants Estelle Clark Watson
C Families CLARKE Clarke Family in Genealogies of Rhode Island Families
C Families CLARKE Jeremy Clarke of Rhode Island and Dungan Genealogy Alfred Rudulph Justic
C Families CLARKE-CLARK Clarke-Clark Genealogy (Descendants Thomas Clarke, Plymouth)
C Families CLARY Clary Genealogy - Four Early American Lines
C Families CLASON Stephen Clason 1625-1974, Stamford, CT
C Families CLAY Clay Family Zachary F. Smith and Mrs. Mary Rogers Clay
C Families CLAY Clay Family; Part First:  The Mother of Henry Clay Smith, Zachary F.
C Families CLEMENTS Ancestors and Descendants of Robert Clements, Vol. I Percival Wood Clement
C Families CLIBORN-CLAIBORNE Cliborn-Claiborne Records Lolita Bissell
C Families CLOER/CLORE Cloer/Clore Family Newsletter (filed in Misc. Families) Cloer/Clore Family Paper
C Families CLOSE Close Family of Saratoga Co., NY 
C Families CLOW Dutch Uncles and New England Cousins Wilson O. Clough
C Families COATS Genealogy Of Moses & Susanna Coats (Who settled in PA in 1717)(See microfilm roll #14) Coats
C Families COBB Cobbs of the Tidewater Bruce M. Edwards
C Families COBB History of the Cobb Family Philip L. Cobb
C Families COBB/COBBS Cobb and Cobbs:  Early Virginians John E. Cobb, Jr.
C Families COCKE Cocke-Catesby Family History:  1085 to 2003 Joe C. Roberson
C Families COE Coe Family:  21 Genealogy of Coe Family from John Coe, Essex Co. England, 1340 to Gerald Coe, CA 1950 (See microfilm roll #14)
C Families COFER 90,000 Days of Cofer History 1715 - 1987
C Families COFER Cofer Family Notes from Virginia Records
C Families COFFELT Times and Lives of Some Coffelts in America Joan Wikman Coffelt and Robert J. Coffelt
C Families COGGESHALLS Coggeshalls in America
C Families COGSWELL See:  Augustine Heard and his Friends
C Families COIT Coit Family:  Descendants Of John Coit  (See microfilm roll #21) Rev. F. W. Chapman
C Families COIT  Coit Family Genealogy
C Families COLBY Colby Family in Early America Frederick Lewis Weis
C Families COLE William and Samuel Cole Family Background Gray Wakefield
C Families COLEMAN Coleman Family American Genealogical Research Institute
C Families COLEMAN Descendants Of Abraham Coleman & Their Neighbors Jonathan Coleman
C Families COLEMAN Descendants Of Abraham Coleman of Pike Co., KY
C Families COLLADAY Jacob Woodward Colladay and His Descendants Wayne V. Jones
C Families COLLINS William Collins (176* - 1848) of NC, KY, & IN
C Families COLTON Colton Letters 1830-1850 Betsey Gates
C Families COLVER-CULVER Colver-Culver Genealogy.  First Five Generations
C Families COMBS Combs Family  Mae Frazier
C Families COMBS See:  I am Because They Were
C Families COMINS Descendants of John Comins (ca 1668-1751) and his wife Mary, of Woburn and Oxford Massachusetts and Windham County, Connecticut Cummings, Abbot Lowell 
C Families CONANT Roger Conant, Founder of Massachusetts Clifford K. Shipton
C Families CONE See: Descendants of the Founders of Ancient Windsor
C Families CONGDON Congdon Chronicle
C Families CONKLIN Conklin Family of New York 
C Families CONKLING Conkling-Proech Family Thomas W. Prosch
C Families CONNER Conner Family
C Families CONVERSE Converse Family
C Families COOK Cook Family History American Genealogical Research Institute
C Families COOK Descendants Of Mordecai Cook of Gloucester Co. VA 1605 and Thomas Booth 1685 (See microfilm roll #14) Stubbs
C Families COOKE Families of Cooke, Etchells and Townsend Karen E. Bridgeman
C Families COOKE Mayflower Families through Five Generations Vol. 12 Cooke, Francis
C Families COOLEY Cooley Genealogy, Desc. of Ensign Benjamin Cooley Mortimer Elwyn Cooley
C Families COOLEY Cooley Genealogy:  Descendants of Ensign Benjamin Cooley Mortimer Elwyn Cooley
C Families COOLIDGE Descendants and Ancestry of John Coolidge of Watertown, MA
C Families COONS Koons-Coons Families
C Families COOPER Beginnings Thomas Cooper of Springfield & Some Allied Families Agnes Thomson Cooper & John Bradley Cooper
C Families COOPER Robert Cooper of Juniper Hall Robert S. Cameron
C Families COPELAND Copeland Genealogy Warren Turner Copeland
C Families COPENHAVER Copenhaver Family History of Smyth County, Virginia:  a family records of some of the desc. of Frederick Copenhaver Mildred Copenhaver & Robert M. Copenhaver, Jr.
C Families COPPAGE/COPPEDGE Coppage-Coppedge (1542-1955)
C Families CORBLY Life and Times of Rev. John Corbly and the John Corbly Family Genealogy Nannie L. Fordyce
C Families CORLISS Genealogy Record of the Corliss Family of America
C Families CORN Descendants of Matthew and Molly Corn
C Families CORNETT Climbing the Right Ladder John E. Cornett
C Families CORNETT Complete Genealogy of Jesse Cornett and Lourainey Whitaker James G. Cornett
C Families CORNETT Genealogy of William Cornett 1761-1836 J. D. Cornett
C Families CORNISH History and Genealogy of the Cornish Family Joseph E. Cornish
C Families CORNWALL Historical Sketch of Family of Rev. J. A. Cornwall: In Arkansas & on the Plains to Oregon
C Families CORNWALL William Cornwall and his Descendants
C Families CORWIN Corwin Genealogy in the United States (See microfilm roll #14) Edward T. Corwin
C Families CORWIN Corwin Genealogy in the US  Edward Tanjore Corwin
C Families CORY James Cory and Susan Mulford
C Families CORYELL Emanuel Coryell of Lambertville, NJ and his Descendants
C Families COVENTRY Coventry Family of Madison Co., IL 
C Families COVERT Tree of Life Genealogy of Covert, Goodson, Dey, Barker,Triplett and Allied Families from 1607 Covert, Norman M.
C Families COVEY Ancestors and Descendants of Walter Covey, Dutches Co., NY (1750-1834), Vol. 1 & 2 Quist, Mary Lancaster
C Families COWDREY  Cowdrey Genealogy
C Families COX Ancestors & Descendants Of Jehu Cox(See microfilm roll #21) Wayne Stout
C Families COX Cox Family History American Genealogical Research Institute
C Families COX Cox Family in America Rev. Henry Miller Cox
C Families COX Cox Family Outline Elizabeth Berry Buffa
C Families COX Cox Genealogy:  A History of Early Cox Families of NE(See microfilm roll #21) Rev. John H. Cox
C Families COX Joseph Cox Ancestors and Descendants Cox, Stanley M., comp.
C Families CRAM Cram Family of NH Family Group Sheets
C Families CRAM Cram Sourcebook, Vol. 1-3 Cram, Michael A.
C Families CRANE Crane Querries
C Families CRAVENS Ancestors of John Park Cravens 
C Families CRAVENS House of Cravens Ruth McConathy
C Families CRAWFORD Crawford Family History American Genealogical Research Institute
C Families CRESAP Thomas Cresap, Maryland Frontiersman
C Families CROCKER Crocker Genealogy 
C Families CROCKETT Crockett Family: From France to Whidbey Island, WA Mary Fields Stoebuck
C Families CROSBY Ancestors & Descendants of Timothy Crosby, Jr.
C Families CROSBY Crosby Family:  Josiah Crosby & Sarah Fitch & Their Descendants (See microfilm roll #21)
C Families CROSS My Children's Ancestors:  Data concerning about 400 New England Ancestors of Roselle Theodore Cross & Emma Asenath Bridgman (See microfilm roll #21) Rev. R. T. Cross
C Families CROWE John Crowe and His Descendants (Crowe-Crowell)
C Families CROWEL Crowel Family of Maryland
C Families CROWLEY Supplement and Corrections to "Benjamin Harrison Crowley, an Account of his Maternal Ancestry (1969) Crowley, Ariel L.
C Families CRUM See:  I am Because They Were
C Families CRUMB Crumb Genealogy
CS71.C974 CUNNINGHAM My Forebears: History & Genealogy of the Cunningham, Knox, Gibson, Borders, and Ewing Families Ewing, Linda Ewing
C Families CUNNINGHAM See: Bricken-Cunningham-Johnson and Related family histories***
C Families CURRIER Genealogy of Richard Currier and Ezra Currier John McNab Currier
C Families CURRIER Richard Currier of Salisbury and Amesbury, MA
C Families CURTIS/CURTISS Genealogy of the Curtiss Family of Stratford, CT 
C Families CUSHING  Cushing Genealogy
C Families CUSHMAN Robert Cushman of Kent (Filed in Plymouth Colony)
C Families CUSTER Custer Family
C Families CUTLER Cutler Memorial and Genealogical History
C Families CUTTER History of Cutter Family of New England (See microfilm roll #21) Wm. Richard Cutter

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