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Location Sub-location Title Author/Comp./ Editor
B Families BABBIT Babbit Family
B Families BABBITT Babbitt Family History 1632 -1900 Wm. Bradford Browne
B Families BABCOCK Descendants of George Badcock (Babcock) of Dorchester, Mass. Wendall Amos Rice Babcock
B Families BABSON Descendants of Thomas and Isabel Babson, who first arrived in Salem, MA in 1637 Ann T. Chaplin
B Families BACHMAN Bachman Family
B Families BACKUS Genealogical Memoir of the Backus Family William W. Backus
B Families BACKUS New England Ancestry of Dana Converse Backus Mary E. N. Backus, comp.
B Families BACON Bacon and Allied Families (Michael Bacon of Dedham, MA) 
B Families BACON Bacon Families Association Quarterly
B Families BACON Bacon Families Association Newsletter***
B Families BACON Bacon Family Notebook
B Families BACON Bacon Land Papers Notebook
B Families BACON Family History with Name Origin and Lineage Lines Bacon from Genealogical Records
B Families BADGLEY Badgley & Other Families of Passaic Valley, NJ (See microfilm roll 18) Nuttal
B Families BAGLEY Bagley Family 12 pp. (See microfilm roll #18)
B Families BAILEY Bailey Trails Elda Bailey
B Families BAILEY Bailey's of Berkeley County; Bailey Family History Bailey, Forrest Dean
B Families BAILEY Early Bailey Marriages 1500-1851, Book 1 Donna Beers
B Families BAILEY Southern Baileys
B Families BAKER Baker Family History
B Families BAKER Baker Family History (See microfilm roll #18) Seaver
B Families BAKER Baker Family of Marion Co. SC 
B Families BAKER Francis Baker and some of his Descendants
B Families BAKER Memoir of General Sir William Erskine Baker, K. C. B.
B Families BALCH Balch Family (Early Generations). 
B Families BALDWIN Record of Descendants Of John Baldwin of Stonington CT. (See microfilm roll #18) John D. Baldwin
B Families BALKE-SIDNEY Ancestry of Balke-Sidney Families
B Families BALL Edward Ball and some of his Descendants Nicholas Ball
B Families BALL Salves in the Family Edward BAll
B Families BALLARD Ballard Genealogy:  Descendants of William Ballard of Lynn MA and William Ballard of Andover MA(See microfilm roll #21) Farlow
B Families BALLARD Notes on One of the Early Ballard Families of Kentucky Including the Ballard Massacre***
B Families BAMFORD Bamford Saga 1764-1989 Louise M. Bamford
B Families BANGS History and Genealogy of the Bangs Family in America Dean Dudley
B Families BANKER Bancker or Banker Families of America and in Particular the Descendants of Laurens Mattyse Bancker Edward James Banker
B Families BANKS Settlers Along the Shores of Virginia's York River June Banks Evans
B Families BANKS William Bill"BanksFamilyStory" William Banks
B Families BARBER Barber Genealogy (in two sections):  Descendants of Thomas Barber of Windsor, CT 1614-1909 and Descendants of John Barber of Worcester, MA 1714-1909 John Barber White
B Families BARBER Barber Genealogy.  Descendants of Thomas of Windsor, CT and John Barber of Worcester, Mass.
B Families BARCLAY  Barclay Genealogies
B Families BARKER Barker Family of Hiram and Cornish, ME
B Families BARKER Barker Genealogy Elizabeth Frye Barker
B Families BARLETT Robert Bartlett of the Anne"&His.Sec.for4Genealogy(FiledinMayflower"
B Families BARNARD Barnard Genealogy; Ancestry and Descendants of Walter Charles Barnard Barnard, Walter Charles
B Families BARNARD Yankee on the Prairie:  Howard R. Barnard of Kansas--Pioneer Educator Allan R. Miller
B Families BARNES Barnes Family Year Book Trescott C. Barnes
B Families BARNES Records of Barnes Family, Small Family & Sheldon Family (See microfilm roll #6) Bamish
B Families BARNETT Descendants of William Barnett 1679 - 1762 James Duff Barnett
B Families BARNEY Barney Genealogy Mary Wesbrook
B Families BARNEY Descendants of Jacob Barney from 1634 to 1800
B Families BARRETT Barrett Ancestry (See microfilm roll #18) George Martin
B Families BARSTOW Barstow-Bester Genealogy
B Families BARTLETT Bartlett Ancestry
B Families BARTLETT Descendants of John Bartlett of Weymouth, Mass. & Cumberland, RI
B Families BARTLETT Descendants of Joseph Bartlett of Newton, MA (5 Genealogy)
B Families BARTLETT Mayflower Families in Progress:  Bartlett
B Families BARTON Barton Family of Oxford, MA 
B Families BARTON Descendants of Solomon Barton of Dutchess Co. NY and Monkton, VT Barton, Joshua Lindley
B Families BARTOW Bartow Genealogy:  Dr. James Bartow of England (See microfilm roll #18) Rev. Evelyn Bartow
B Families BASSETT Bassett Family, Lynn, Mass. To Salem Co. Ohio, NJ, 1624-1964 Catherine Soleman Chandler
B Families BASSETT Bassett Genealogy  Maynard Bassett Copeland
B Families BATCHELDER Ancestors of Maj. John Batchelder
B Families BATCHELDER Batchelder, Batcheller Genealogy  (Early Generations)
B Families BATCHELOR Batchelor-Williams Families and Related Lines
B Families BATES Robert Bates Family
B Families BAUGHMAN William Baughman (1828-1913)(See microfilm roll #18) Ellis Rhode
B Families BAUMAN Michael Baughnan, Pennsylvania Pioneer
B Families BAYNES Life and Ancestry of John Thistlethwaite Baynes (1833-1891) Baynes, Richard C.
B Families BAYTOP History of Two Virginia Families Transplanted from County Kent, England Thomas Baytop (1638) & John Catlett (See microfilm roll #18) Stubbs
B Families BEACH Beach Family of Milford, CT, John Beach and John Wade Family 
B Families BEAL Beal Family of Bucks Co., PA  
B Families BEAMAN Beaman and Clark Genealogy
B Families BEAN Descendants of William Bean
B Families BEAN The Bean Stalk
B Families BEARDSLEY Beardsley and Coryell Notebook
B Families BEASON Beason Family Arline Beason-Peckham and Charles Wesley Peckham, Sr.
B Families BEATON Beaton Genealogy 
B Families BEAVEN Beaven-Blanford Clarkson-Mitchell Families of Maryland, Kentucky USA*** Donnelly, Mary Louise
B Familie BECKER Becker Genealogy; Ancestors and Descendants of Francis Benedict Becker 1856-1908*** Becker, Bettye C. (Griffith)
B Families BECKLEY Descendants of Richard Beckley Connecticut History Soc.
B Families BEEMAN Beeman Family of Massachusetts
B Families BEINECKE Ancestors of William Sperry Beinecke Paul W. Prindle
B Families BELCHER Belcher Family of RI(See:  Misc. Family)
B Families BELCHER Joseph Belcher, First Minister of Walpole, MA
B Families BELL Bell Family of North Carolina
B Families BELL Col. Joseph Bell of Carteret Co. and Some of His Descendants
B Families BELLINGERS Genealogy of the Mohawk Valley Bellingers and Allied Families Bellinger, Lyle Frederick
B Families BELT Belt Family
B Families BEMAN Beman Family Notes
B Families BENDER Bender-Bainter-Painter Smith & Allied Families of Phillipson-Marino-Alioto Joseph Linn Marino
B Families BENEDICT Benedict Pioneers in Kentucky (See microfilm roll #5) Pearce
B Families BENJAMIN Benjamin Family
B Families BENNETT Bennett Family History Mary Elizabeth Bennett Durand and Edward Dana Durand
B Families BENNETT Soldier History of the Bennett Family:  Thomas Bennett, His Descendants & other Relatives.  15 pp. (See microfilm roll #6)
CS71.B4695 BENNINGTON Genealogy of the Bennington Family / which orginated in Harford County, MD with notes on other Bennington families Hall, William K.
B Families BENT Bent Family in America Descendants of John Bent in Sudbury, MA in 1638 Allen H. Bent
B Families BENTLEY Bentley Family
B Families BENTON Caleb Benton and Sarah Bishop; Their Ancestors and Their Descendants Benton, Charles E.
B Families BENTON Samuel Slade Benton His Ancestors and Descendants Benton, Josiah Henry Jr.
B Families BESHORE/BASHORE One Line of the Beshore Family
B Families BETTS Ancestors and Descendants of Annie Rebecca Betts 1850-1916 Wilton, CT Chamberlain, Marjorie D.
B Families BETTS Betts Family Chronology
B Families BETTS Betts Family History, 1634-1958 Warren C. B. Robins
B Families BEVERLY  Beverly Genealogy
B Families BIBB Bibb Family of America
B Families BICKFORD 350 Years of Bickfords in New Hampshire Catherine Bickford Fahnestock
B Families BICKNELL Bicknells, Proceedings and Addresses at Second Family Reunion
B Families BIEBER/BEVER History and Genealogy of the Bieber-Bever Family Rev. I. M. Beaver
B Families BILL History of the Bill Family Ledyard Bill
B Families BILL Some Ancestors and Descendants of Edward Bill and of Oliver Bill John L. Cobb, comp.
B Families BILLINGTON John Billington
B Families BILLINGTON Mayflower Families in Progress:  Billington
B Families BILLINGTON See:  Mayflower Families Through Five Generations:  John Billington Vol. 21
B Families BILLS Thomas Bills
B Families BINGHAM Bingham Family:  the First Six Generations
B Families BINNEY Binney Genealogy
B Families BIRD Bird Family of Virginia
B Families BISHOP Bishop Family of Newbury, MA & Woodbridge, NJ 
B Families BISSEL/BISSELL Genealogy of the Descendants of John Bissell of Windsor, CT.  Edward Payson Jones of Einsted, CT
B Families BITSCHE Bitsche (Peachey)  Memorial History of Peter Bitsche
B Families BLACKBURN Benjamin Blackburn Family and Notes on Blackburns in America Challacombe
B Families BLACKSTONE  Balckstone Family Being sketches, Biographical and Genealogical of William Balckstone, and hisdescendants Sargent, L. M.
B Families BLACKSTONE/BLAXSTOM Blackstone/Blaxstom Genealogy
B Families BLAIR Blair Family in New England  (Early Generations) E. W. Leavitt
B Families BLAIR Some Descendants of Charles & Easter (Robertson) Blair David E. Blair, comp.
B Families BLAIR Some Descendants of John Charles Blair N. Baxter Jenkins
B Families BLAIR Some Descendants of John Charles Blair N Baxter Jenkins
B Families BLAKE John Blake of Wrentham, Mass. and Some of His Descendants Kenneth Pond Blake
B Families BLANCHARD Joseph Blanchard and Some of His Descendants
B Families BLANKENBILLER Blankenbiller Family of Berks Co., PA
B Families BLANKENSHIP  Blankenship Family History
B Families BLESSING Genealogy of the Family of Jacob Blessing I of Pennsylvania and Virginia Ethel E. Beieler Gould
B Families BLISS Bliss Book Charles Arthur Hoppin
B Families BLOUNT Blount/Picken Genealogy Pfafman, Robert F.
B Families BOARMAN Major William Boarman (Charles County, MD (1630-1709); His Descendants: Boarman/Bowman and Allied Families*** Donnelly, Mary Louise
B Families BOGARDUS Anneke Jans - Bogardus and Adam Brouwer Research Aid Bibliography William Brower Bogardus, comp.
B Families BOGART Bogart Family Waterfield, Marge
B Families BOILOW Descendants Of Nicholas Fagan and Catherine Boilow 
B Families BOLES Some Earlier Americans/Boles-Linton Ancestors: ancestral history of Sharon Kaye, Deborah Dee, David Brian Boles, Harold W. & David B.
B Families BOLLING Bollings Hattie L. Bolling
B Families BONNETT Recollections of Lewis Bonnett Jr. 1778-1850 & the Bonnett & Wetzel families Lobdell ed.
B Families BOONE Boone Family, a Genealogy History of the Descendants of George & Mary Boone, comp. Hazel Atterbury Spraker
B Families BOONE Daniel Boone James Daughterty
B Families BOONE Daniel Boone:  The Life and Legend of an American Pioneer John Mack Faragher
B Families BOONE Edward Boone (17407-1780) of PA, NC, KY Gerald Collins
B Families BOONE Life & Adventures of Daniel Boone Michael A. Lofaro
B Families BOONE Our Boone Families, Daniel Boone's Kinfolks Sarah Ridge Rockenfield
B Families BOONE Pioneer and the Prairie Lawyer Willard Mounts
B Families BOOTH Ancestry of Robert Booth of England and Saco, Maine with Allied Families Betty Booth Grove
B Families BOOTH Genealogy of the Booth Family Donald L. Jacobus
B Families BORCHERS See:  I am Because They Were
B Families BORST Borst Family of NY
B Families BORTON 1679-1979 300 Years of Bortons in North America Betty M. Mann, ed.
B Families BOSTWICK Bostwick Family in America.  The Descendants of Arthur Bostwick.  Henry Bostwick, comp.
B Families BOSVILLE Fortunes of a Family Alice MacDonald of the Isles
B Families BOSWELL Descendants Of Edward Boswell Jean Boswell Pippenger & Imogene May Boswell
B Families BOSWORTH Bosworth Genealogy; History of the Descendants of Edward Bosworth who arrived in America in the year 1634, Part I Clarke, Mary Bosworth
B Families BOSWORTH Bosworth Genealogy; History of the Descendants of Edward Bosworth who arrived in America in the year 1634, Part II Third Generation Clarke, Mary Bosworth
B Families BOSWORTH Bosworth Genealogy; History of the Descendants of Edward Bosworth who arrived in America in the year 1634, Part III Fifth Generation Clarke, Mary Bosworth
B Families BOSWORTH Bosworth Genealogy; History of the Descendants of Edward Bosworth who arrived in America in the year 1634, Part V Sixth Generation Clarke, Mary Bosworth
B Families BOSWORTH Bosworth Genealogy; History of the Descendants of Edward Bosworth who arrived in America in the year 1634, Part VI Seventh Generation Clarke, Mary Bosworth
B Families BOTSFORD Botsford Genealogy:  The Line of Henry, second son of Elnathan, Grandson of Henry, Vol. I  Botsford Family Association
B Families BOUGHTON Matthew Boughton of Danbury, CT
B Families BOVARD Bovard and Extended Families Newsletter
B Families BOWENS Lineage of the Bowens of Woodstock, CT Edward A. Bowen
B Families BOWER Bible Records of Sebastian Bower (1776)
B Families BOWERMAN Bowerman Boreman Boarman Bowman*** Thompson, Gerald
B Families BOWLES History of the Bowles Family Thomas M. Farquhar, comp.
B Families BOWMAN Cornelius Bowman A Founding Father of America and Some of his Ancestors and Descendants Bowman, Edward L.
B Families BOWMANS Bownams, a Pioneering Family John W. Wayland
B Families BOYD Boyd Family of Orange Co., NY 
B Families BOYNTON Descendants of William and John Boynton, First Five Generations. 
B Families BOZARTH Bozarth Beacon
B Families BRACE Brace Lineage John Sherman Brace
B Families BRACE Brace Lineage John Sherman Brace
B Families BRADBURY Thomas Bradbury of Salisbury, Mass. Additions and Corrections
B Families BRADFORD Bradford Family Of Austerfield, Yorkshire & Plymouth, MA.  
B Families BRADFORD Bradford of Plymouth Bradford Smith
B Families BRADFORD Descendants of Gov. William Bradford through Seven Generations.
B Families BRADFORD Mayflower Families in Progress:  Bradford
B Families BRADLEY Bradley of Essex Co., Mass. Eleanor Bradley Peters
B Families BRADSHAW My Story:  Autobiography of De Emmett Bradshaw De Emmett Bradshaw  
B Families BRAINARD Ancestors of Brainerd & Goodrich
B Families BRAINARD Ancestry of Thomas Brainard
B Families BRAINERD Ancestors of Ossian Hatch Brainerd and Mary Hulburt Goodrich Berwin B. Thomas
B Families BRAINERD Brainerd Genealogy
B Families BRAINERD Genealogy of the Brainerd-Brainard Family in America 1649-1908, Vol. II Lucy Abigail Brainard
B Families BRANSON Leonard Branson:  a matross in the Revolutionary War and some of his descendants N. Baxter Jenkins
B Families BRASHEAR Brashear Family Notes
B Families BRASHEAR Brashear Story:  A Family History Troy L. Back and Leon Brashear
B Families BRAWNER Brawner Genealogy
B Families BRAYTON Francis Brayton of Coventry, RI & Herkimer, NY
B Families BRECK Sherborn and Garnder, Mass. Brecks:  Desc. of John Breck & his son Thomas of Sherborn, 1656 Allen H. Bent
B Families BREESE Breese Family
B Families BREESE Family Memorials: a series of genealogical and biographical monographs of the families of . . . Breese . .  Edward Elbridge Salisbury
B Families BREESE Family Memorials: a series of genealogical and biographical monographs of the families of . . . Breese . .  Edward Elbridge Salisbury
B Families BREWSTER Mayflower Families in Progress:  William Brewster of the Mayflower & His. Desc. for 4 Gen. 2nd ed. Merrick, compiler
B Families BREWSTER Pilgrim, a Biography of William Brewster
B Families BREWSTER William Brewster of the Mayflower & His Descendants for 4 Genealogy (Filed in Plymouth Colony, MA)
B Families BRIGGS Briggs Family Records, compiled for the Briggs Family Assoc. Winifred Lovering Holman
B Families BRICKER Bricken-Cunningham-Johnson and Related family histories*** Kirby, Leta Bricken
B Families BRIGGS Clement Briggs of Plymouth Colony and his Descendants 1621-1965, Vol. II Edna Anne Hannibal, comp.
B Families BRIGGS John Briggs
B Families BRIGHAM History of the Brigham Family
B Families BRISTOW John Bristow of Middlesex Co. VA & Descendants Gordon B. Woolley
B Families BRITTON Britton Genealogy, Early Generations from Somersetshire, Eng. To Staten Island, NY Elmer Garfield VanName
B Families BROMWELL Bromwell Genealogy:  Descendants of William Bromwell and Beulah Hall Henrietta E. Bromwell
B Families BRONSDON Bronsdon and Box Families:  Part I Robert Brosdon, Merchange.  Part II John Box, Ropemaker Lucius B. Marsh and Harriet F. Parker
B Families BROWN Brown and Sayre Ancestry: Three Centuries in Northern New Jersey,  Mortimer F. Sayre
B Families BROWN Brown Family History II, Tracing the Clark Brown Line  Judith Young and Calista Platz
B Families BROWN Brown Soldiers of the Mexican War Pension Abstracts Dyess, Mrs. William
B Families BROWN Browne-Brown Ancestral Lines, Vol. 1 and 2 Betty Brown Sheeran
B Families BROWN Mayflower Families through Five Generations Vol. 7 Brown, Peter
B Families BROWN Peter Brown (Mayflower Families through Five Generations)
B Families BROWN Peter Brown of the Mayflower and his Descendants for four Generations
B Families BROWN Tale of Three Cities, Reno, Carson, San Francisco 1863-1930 Bertha Bender Brown
B Families BROYLES Broyles Family Letters (Filed in Misc. Families)
B Families BRUCE Book of Bruce  Ancestors and Descdants of King Robert of Scotland Lyman H. Weeks
B Families BRUCE Robert Bruce and the Community of the Realm of Scotland G. W. S. Barrow
B Families BRUSH Concise Genealogy of Isaac Elbert Brush & Delia Williams Phillips, his wife, and of their Descendants
B Families BUCHANAN Buchanans of Ohio Buchanan, Jim
B Families BUCK Origin, History and Genealogy of the Buck Family Samuel Buck
B Families BUCKNER Buckner Family of VA
B Families BUELL Early Descendants of William Buell of Windsor, Conn.
B Families BUGBEE Bugbee Family Notes
B Families BUGBEE Bugbee Genealogy
B Families BUGBEE Family of Edward Bugbee 
B Families BULLITT Ancestral Histories of Scott Bullitt and Dorothy Stimson Stimson Bullitt
B Families BULLOCH Biographical Sketch of Hon. Archibald Bulloch, president of the Province of Georgia 1776-77.
B Families BULLOCK Bullock Family History:  Ancestors and Descendants of Morgan Lewis Bullock and Patience Neal Bullock John Morgan Peirce
B Families BUNKER Bunker Family History
B Families BUTTRAM Buttram:  Descendants of William Buttram I & Margaret of Rowan Co., NC Waid, Charles V. & Barbara L.
B Families BURBANK Burbank Genealogy:  First 6 Generations
B Families BURCH Burch Book:  Descendants Of Jonathan Burtch of the 6th Genealogy & Wife Sally Hosford (See microfilm roll #7) Burch
B Families BURDETTE Burdette Families William Neal Hurley, Jr. 
B Families BURGESS Memorial of the Family of Thomas and Dorothy Burgess
B Families BURNETT Burnett Family with Collateral Branches Charles Howard Burnett
B Families BURNETT Burnetts and Their Connections, Vol. 1, 2, 3 June Baldwin Bork
B Families BURNETT Family of Burnett of Leys with Collateral Branches George Burnett 1901, rpt.
B Families BURNHAM Ancestry of Maj. John Burnham & Abigail Collins Eva Beck Jenson
B Families BURT Ancestors of My Grandmother Maria L. Burt Becky Torland
B Families BURT Descendants of Henry Burt of Springfield, Mass. Taunton, MA,
B Families BURTON Descendants of Josiah Burton
B Families BURWELL See:  I am Because They Were
B Families BUSH Bush Branches Topp, Bette Butcher
B Families BUSH Genealogy of the Descendants of John M. Bush and Jane Osterheudt of Kingston, UlsterCo., NY 1791-1914 Bush, Beatrice
B Families BUTLER John Butler of Pelham, NH & his Descendants
B Families BUTTON Button Families in America.  Descendants of Matthias Button of Haverhill, Mass. & Descendants of Robert Button of Essex Co., VA and Sam. Wm. Button of Sussex Co., Eng. by R. Glen Nye, ed.  Katherine W. Nye
B Families BUTTON Descendants Of Matthias Button of Haverhill, MA & Dex. of Robert Button of Essex Co. VA and Sam. Wm. Button of Sussex Co. Eng.  R. Glen Ney, ed. by Katherine W. Ney

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