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Location Sub-location Title Author/compiler
A Families ABEE Abee's of North Carolina Charles Moran Abee
A Families ABEE Abee's of North Carolina Descendants of Andrew Abee Charles Moran Abee, comp.
A Families ABELL Descendants of Peter G. Abell and Tessie Ann Thompson*** Skees, Susan Browning
A Families ABEL/ABELL Abell Family in America (Descendants of Robert Abell of Rehobeth, MA) H. A. Abell
A Families ABELL Abell Family in American (First Five Generations) 
A Families ABELL Branches & Twigs
A Families ABENDROTH Abendroth Staummbaum Kathi Abendroth
A Families ABRAHAM Abraham Family of Charlestown and Marblehead, Mass. 
A Families ABSHIRE Abshires (filed in Misc. Families)
A Families ABSHIRE Some Abshires Mrs. W. O. Absher
A Families ADAMS Adams Addenda
A Families ADAMS Adams Families of Southeast Kentucky Griffith, Dorothy A. and Robert E. Parkin
A Families ADAMS Adams Family History
A Families ADAMS Charles Adams
A Families ADAMS Descent from Glory:  Four Genealogy of John Adams Nagel
A Families ADAMS Descendants of Some Wilkes County Adams/ Pioneers who settled in what became Letcher County, Kentucky Jenkins, N. Baxter
A Families ADAMS John Adams and the American Revolution
A Families ADAMS Robert Adams of Newbury, MA & his Descendants
A Families AISTON Aiston-Chamberlain Family History Filed under New England.
A Families ALCOTT Alcotts, Biography of a Family
A Families ALDEN Mayflower Families Through Five Generations Vol. 16 Part I John Alden
A Families ALDEN See:  Mayflower Families Through Five Generations:  John Alden
A Families ALDERFER Alderfers of America History and Genealogy Helen Alderfer Stanley
A Families ALDERFER Alderfers of America:  History and Genealogy Helen Alderfer Stanley
A Families ALDERMAN Aldermans in America W. A. Parker
A Families ALEXANDER Descendants of John Alexander, Chester Co., PA 
A Families ALEXANDER Hugh Alexander Dynasty Helen F. Bollen 
A Families ALISON-ALLISON  Alison-Allison Genealogy
A Families ALLEN Allen Family (See microfilm roll #18)
A Families ALLEN Allen Family History
A Families ALLEN Allen Genealogy J. Montgomery Seaver
A Families ALLEN Allens of Early Rowan Co., NC(See microfilm roll #13) Barkeman 
A Families ALLERTON Mayflower Families through Five Generations Vol. 17 Isaac Allerton
A Families ALLERTON Memoir of Isaac Allerton
A Families ALLERTON Isaac Allerton of the Mayflower & His Descendants for 4 Generations
A Families ALLERTON Mayflower Families in Progress:  Allerton, Isaac of the Mayflower & His. Desc. for 4 Gen. 3rd ed. Wakefield, Comp.
A Families ALLERTON See:  I am Because They Were
A Families ALLGOOD  Allgood Ancestry Vol. 2 No. 1 June 1989
A Families ALLSTON Life and Times of Robert F. W. Allston
A Families ALLYN Swamp Yankee from Mystic James H. Allyn
A Families ALVES Alves Family, Henderson Co., KY
A Families ALVORD Alvord Family:  Descendants Alexander (See microfilm roll #17) Alvord
A Families AMBURGEY Amburgey Ancestry in America Dorothy Amburgey Griffith, comp.
A Families AMIDON Amidon Family:  a record of the descendants of Roger Amadowne of Rehoboth, MA Frank E. Best
A Families AMMIDOWN Ammidown Family Filed under Misc. Family
A Families ANDERSON Golden Reflections of By-Gone Days Josephine Goldman Anderson
A Families ANDERSON See:  I am Because They Were
A Families ANDREWS Genealogical History of John and Mary Andrews, who settled in Farmington, Conn. 1640 Alfred Andrews
A Families ANGELL Ancestry of Emily Jane Angell
A Families ANTHONY Genealogy of Anthony Family 1495 to Present (See microfilme roll #) Anthony
A Families APLIN/APPLIN/APPLING Aplin, Applin, Appling Families(microfiche filed in microfilm boxes) Helen Waterman
A Families APPLETON Genealogy of Ipswich MA. Descendants of Samuel Appleton T. Frank Waters
A Families ARMS Genealogical Records of the Arms Family in this Country Edward Arms
A Families ARNDTS Story of the Arndts
A Families ARNOLD Arnold Ancestry
A Families ARNOLD Arnold Family (The) William H. Arnold
A Families ARNWINE Arnwine Cabin (East Tennessee)
A Families ASHLEY Ashley Genealogy:  a History of the Descendants of Robert Ashley of Springfield, MA Francis Bacon Trowbridge
A Families ASHTON Thomas C. Ashton of Lockport, NY and Descendants
A Families ASTON-CHAMBERLAIN Aston-Chamberlain Family History
A Families ASTOR Astors:  1764-1992; Landscape with Millionaires Derek Wilson
A Families ATHERTON Memoir of the Honorable Joshua Atherton (in rare books)
A Families ATKINS Henry Atkins Family
A Families ATWATER Atwater History Francis Atwater
A Families ATWATER Atwater History and Genealogy(See microfilm roll #18) Francis Atwater
A Families ATWELL Genealogy of the Atwell Family, formerly of New London, CT (filed with more families) Charles Beach Atwell
A Families ATWOOD  Atwood Genealogy
A Families ATWOOD John Atwood of Plymouth, MA (Descendants of John Atwood, 1614 - 1676 and his wife Sarah Masterson.
A Families AULD Auld Family
A Families AUSTIN Austin Genealogy
A Families AUSTIN Austin Surname--Newspaper Clippings from the Hartford Times (1948) (See microfilm roll #18)
A Families AUSTIN Genealogy of Robert Austin of Kingstown, R. I. Edith Austin Moore
A Families AVERY Avery Clan:  First Six Generations 
A Families AVERY Avery Family History American Genealogical Research Institute
A Families AVERY Groton Avery Clan, Vol. II Elroy McKendree Avery & Catharine Hitchcock (Tilden) Avery
A Families AYLSWORTH Arthur Aylsworth & His Descendants (See microfilm roll #18) Homer Aylsworth
A Families AYRES Ayres Family of Rappahannock and Accomack Counties, VA
A Families AYRES Ancestors of Silas Ayers and Mary Byram Ayers Ayers, Charles B.

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