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XYZ - Families

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Location Sub-location Title Author/Comp./Editor
XYZ Families YAGER See:  I am Because They Were
XYZ Families YALE Yale Family or Descendants Of David Yale, New Haven 1850
XYZ Families YETTER Genealogy of Yetter Families Febrary 6, 1932
XYZ Families YOUNG Maine Events in the Young Fanily
XYZ Families YOUNG Twenty-seventh Wife Irving Wallace
XYZ Families YOUNG Young Family
XYZ Families YOUNG Young Family of Dutchess and St. Lawrence Co., NY.  
XYZ Families ZIRKLE Zirkle Family History*** Harpine, J. William
XYZ Families ZIMMERMAN Mohawk Valley Zimmerman Family in the Eighteenth Century David Kendall Martin
XYZ Families ZOOK Three (Zook) Brothers of 1742 Paul V. Hostetler