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O - Families

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Location Sub-location Title Author/Comp./Editor
O Families OAKES Oakes Acorns Shirley Penna-Oakes
O Families ODELL O'Dell Diggin's
O Families ODANIEL See: Riney, Blandford, Mulligan and O'Daniel Families of Maryland and Kentucky***
O Families ODIORNE Odiorne Family of America
O Families OGDEN Ogden Family in America (First Five Generations)
O Families OGDEN Quaker Ogdens in America Charles Smith Ogden
O Families OLIVER Andrew Oliver, Lt. Gov. of Massachusetts Clifford K. Shipton
O Families OLIVER Descendants of the Honorable Andrew Oliver of Boston1706-1774 William H. P. Oliver
O Families OLIVER Oliver Family Genealogy, Let Us Remember our Birthdays, Descendants of Dr. Daniel Oliver
O Families OLMSTEAD Olmsted Family in America:  First 6 Generations  Filed with MoreFamilies""
O Families OLOFSSON Those Who Came...Those Who Stayed...:  Swedish  American Descendants of Jaen Olofsson & Christina Nilsdotter 1794-1986 Barbara Craley & Jan Agertz
O Families OPDYKE Opdyke Genealogy Charles Wilson Opdyke
O Families ORDWAY Ancestry of Samuel Blanchard Ordway 1844 - 1916
O Families ORMSBEE George Hubbard Ormsbee and Harriet Hosford Ormsbee; Their Ancestors and Descendants Ormsbee, Mary Chalfant
O Families OTIS Otis Family Genealogy
O Families OTIS Otis Family in Proincial and Revolutionary Massachusetts John J. Waters, Jr.
O Families OVERALLS Overalls
O Families OVERTON Obadiah Overton of Madison, Culpeper and Orange Counties, VA, orig.