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Location Sub-location Title Author/Comp./Editor
F24 .U5 1966 1790 Heads of Families of the First Census of the United States taken in the year 1790
Maine 1800 Census Index
Maine 1890 Veterans Census (microfiche)
JK2836 .M35 1972a Agencies of Government, State of Maine, 1820-1971. Maine State Archives.
E255 .F57 1967 Alphabetical Index to Revolutionary Pensioners living in Maine Charles Alcott Flagg
F20 .L63 1993 Clamdiggers and Downeast Country Stores Allan Lockyer
F29.H15 B35 1992 Diary of Martha Ballard 1785-1812:  ME Gen. Soc publication #10  Robert R. McCausland & Cynthia MacAlman, eds.
F18 .D67 1981 Directory of Maine Pioneer Ancestors Mary H. Dormer & Rosemary E. Bachelor
E263.M4 D82 1975 Dubros Times Sylvia J. Sherman, ed.
Maine Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire Sybil Noyes, et al.
F24 .U56 1992x Heads of Families at the first Census of the United States Taken in the year 1790 Maine
F23 .S6 1949 History of Maine from Wilderness to Statehood Marion Jaqcues Smith
Maine IGI Maine 1988 (microfiche)
Maine IGI Maine 1992 (microfiche)
Maine Index of Selected Obituaries 1825-1855 for Kennebec Journal, Oxford Observer & Oxford Democrat  See:  Maine Notebook
Maine Index to The Maine Seine and The Maine Genealogist Marlene Groves, comp.
Maine Islands of the Mid-Maine Coast:  Penobscot & Blue Hill Bays (in Maine Islands notebook) Charles B. McLane
F29.H15 U47 1992 Life of Martha Ballard, based on her diary 1785-1812 Laurel Thatcher Ulrich
F25 .N97 1924 Maine Beautiful Wallace Nutting
F18 .M18 1988 v.1 Maine Families in the 1790 Census Vol. 1
F18 .M18 1988 v.2 Maine Families in the 1790 Census Vol. 2
F18 .M18 1988 v.3 Maine Families in the 1790 Census Vol. 3
F18 .M18 1988 v.4 Maine Families in the 1790 Census Vol. 4
F18 .M18 1988 v.5 Maine Families in the 1790 Census Vol. 5 Joseph C. Anderson, editor
F18 .M18 1988 v.6 Maine Families in the 1790 Census Vol. 6 Joseph C. Anderson, editor
F18 .M18 1988 v.7 Maine Families in the 1790 Census Vol. 7 Joseph C. Anderson, editor
Maine Maine Old Cemetery Assoc. Newsletter
Maine Maine Pocket Reference Map
F18 .F76 1991 Maine Probate Abstracts, 1687- 1800, Vol. 1 & 2
Maine Maine Society (The), Sons of the American Revolution
F18 .S24 1972 Maine Wills 1640 - 1760 Wm. M. Sargent
VK24.M2 R68 1989 Maritime History of Maine
F18 .Y69 1995 Marriage Notices from the Maine Farmer 1833-1852 Young & Keene
Maine Microfilm List of Maine Town Records & Maine Census Records
Maine New England Family Histories:  States of Maine & Rhode Island Lu Verne V. Hall and Donald O. Virdin
Maine Pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire 1623-1660 Pope, Charles H.
F23 .S74 1973 Pioneers on Maine Rivers with lists to 1651 Wilbur D. Spencer 
Maine Public Record Repositories in Maine
Maine Roster of Maine:  Military Service of US & Allies WWI, 1917-1919. Vols 1 & 2
Maine See:  Colonials and Patriots:  Historic Places
Maine See:  Early American Inns & Taverns filed in New England
Maine See:  Historic Houses of Early America (filed in reference, houses)
Maine See:  Maine Estate Schedules from Revolutionary War Pensions See:  NEHGR 142:298
Maine See:  Maine Marriages 1892-1966 A complete list (CD ROM)
Maine See:  Maine Natives in Anoka Co., Minn.  See:  Downeast Anc. 10:56
Maine See:  Maine Natives who settled in Minnesota See:  Downeast Anc. 11:19
Maine See:  Massachusetts and Maine Direct Tax Census of 1798
Maine See:  New Hampshire/Maine Connection
Maine See:  Some Marriages from the MAINE Farmer See:  Downeast Anc. 11:95
Maine See:  Warning Out in New England 1656-1817 (filed in NE)
Maine Soldiers, Sailors and Patriots of the Revolutionary War, Maine.
Maine Trail of the Maine Pioneer, by the Maine Federation of Womens' Clubs
Maine Twentieth Maine: A Volunteer Regiment in the Civil War John J. Pullen
Maine *periodical Downeast Ancestry
Maine *periodical Fore Bears in Your Maine Family Tree
Maine *periodical Maine Genealogical Inquirer
Maine *periodical Maine Genealogical Society
Maine *periodical Maine Genealogist
Maine *periodical Maine Genealogist Inquirer
Maine *periodical Maine Historical Magazine Porter, Joseph W., Ed.
Maine *periodical Maine Old Cemetery Association
Maine Alfred Alfred, Maine, Congregational Church Records Vol. I -III 1782-1895, Members, Baptism, Marriages & Deaths Benapeag Chapter DAR
F29.A9 Alfred See Alfred, Alma, Anson, Auburn, Augusta, Maine notebook  
F29.A45 J4 1975 Amherst Amherst, Maine: Her Settlement and People 1790-1795 Constance Hanscom Jellison
F29.A9 N8 1870 Augusta History of Augusta (Maine) with Biographical Sketches and Genealogical Register 1870.
Maine Augusta Marriages.  See Alfred, Alma, Anson, Auburn, Augusta, Maine notebook James W. North
Maine Bangor Bangor Historical Magazine:  See: notebook Bangor, Bath, Belgrade, Bellfast, Bethel, Bismark, Blue Hill, Bristol
Maine Bangor Paper Talks in Greater Bangor
F29.B3 H27 1949 Bar Harbor Story of Bar Harbor:  An Informal History Recording One Hundred and Fifty Years in the Life of a Community Richard Walden Hale, Jr.
Maine Bethel History of Bethel, ME, 2 Vol.
F29.B75 F7 1990 Biddeford Birth Records of Biddeford, Maine:  Early 1800s to 1891 Franco-American Gen. Soc.
Maine Biddeford See:  Saco:  History of Saco and Biddeford
Maine Boothbay Family Genealogies of the Boothbay Region 
Maine Bowdin Cemetery Inscriptions and Revolutionary War of 1812 and Civil War Veterans of Bowdin, ME
Maine Bremen See:  Bristol, Maine
Maine Brewer Brewer, Orrington, Holden, Eddington: History and Families Mildred N. Thayer and Mrs. Edward W. Ames
Maine Bristol Bristol & Bremen, Maine Families
Maine Bristol See:  Bristol, Maine  Marriages, Genealogical Advertiser 1:9, 65, 102; 2:9,; 4:153
Maine Bristol See:  Families of Bristol and Bremen See:  Gen. Advertiser 2:45, 77, 107; 3:12, 36, 70, 123; 4:47, 75.  
Maine Bristol See:  U.S. Direct Tax, 1798 See:  Gen. Advertiser 3:65, 113.
Maine Brooksville Brooksville, a Town in the Revolution
Maine Brooksville Gravestone Inscriptions, Brooksville, ME
Maine Brooksville Traditions and Records of Brooksville, ME
Maine Brooksville Vital Records of Brooksville Cemetery
Maine Brownville Inventory of the town and city Archives of Maine:  No. 11 Piscataquis Co., Vol. VI Brownville
Maine Brownville See:  Cemetery Rec.  See:  Downeast Anc. 11:103, 142
Maine Brunswick History of Brunswick, Topsham and Harpswell (ME)  George A. Wheeler and Henry Warren Wheeler
Maine Buckfield History of Buckfield, ME Alfred Cole and Charles F. Whitman
Maine Bucksport Early Vital Records of Bucksport
Maine Bucksport Marriages and Intentions of Marriage, Bucksport
Maine Buxton Families of Buxton
Maine Buxton Records of the Church of Christ in Buxton, ME 1763 - 1817 during the pastorate of the Rev. Mr. Paul Coffin, D. D., 
Maine Buxton Report of the Proceedings at the Celebration of the 1st Centennial Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Town of Buxton, Maine (aka Families of Buxton)
Maine Camden History of Camden and Rockport, Maine Robinson, Reuel
Maine Camden Sketches of the History of the Town of Camden, ME (Roll #18) John Locke
Maine Carmel Vital Records of Carmel
Maine Carmel History of Carmel Graves, Constance Ann
Maine China Annual Report of the Municipal Officers of the town of China Maine for year ending Dec. 31, 1967
Maine China China, Main: Bicentennial History Mary M. Grow
Maine China Kennebec County Cemeteries: China Village Gertrude Lundberg, comp.
Maine Columbia Sketches in Columbia, ME
Maine Corinna Vital Records of Corinna, Maine 1797-1894 Foster, Angela M., comp.
Maine Cornish Early Families of Cornish, ME
Maine Cornville Vital Records
F27.C9 K3 1942 Cousins Island Cousins and Littlejohn's Islands 1645-1893 Kaster, Katherine Prescott
Maine Cumberland Co. History & Genealogies of Cumberland Co. ME  Containing Histories of Brunswick, Casco Bay, Harpswell, Harrison, Old Falmouth, North Yarmouth, Pejepscot Territory, Portland, Scarborough, Topsham, Westbrook & Yarmouth See: Heritage Books, Inc. See:  CD #8 
Maine Cumberland Co. Three Centuries of Freeport, ME Florence Thurston & Harmon Cross
Maine Cushing Marriages 1789 - 1847
Maine Deer Island First Congregational Church Records of Deer Island 
Maine Deer Isle Ancestral History of Pioneers of Deer Isle, Maine
Maine Dennysville Denny's River Historical Society Newsletter
Maine Dresden Vital Records of Dresden, ME
Maine Durham History Durham, Maine
Maine Durham History of Durham, ME (Genealogical Notes Only)
Maine Eastport History of Eastport, Moose Island, Maine From its founding to present time John Terry"Holt"
Maine Eddington See: Brewer, Maine
Maine Edgecomb Vital Records Edgecomb, ME
Maine Eliot Old Eliot, Book One John Lemuel Murray Willis
Maine Eliot Old Eliot, Book Three John Lemuel Murray Willis
Maine Eliot Old Eliot, Book Two John Lemuel Murray Willis
Maine Exeter See:  Deaths See:  Downeast Anc. 10:53
Maine Exeter See:  Marriage Records, Exeter See:  Downeast Anc. 11:136
Maine Fairfield See:  VR of Fairfield ME  See:  Maine Book I
Maine Falmouth Baptisms & Admission from the Records of 1st Church in Falmouth Marquis F. King
Maine Falmouth See:  First Church records of Falmouth.  See:  Maine Book I
F29.F19 F2 1909 Farmingdale Farmingdale, Maine Vital Records to the year 1892 Webster, Henry Sewall, ed.
Maine Farmington History of Farmington, ME 1776 - 1885
Maine Farmington Index of Selected Obituaries: Kennebec Journal, Oxford Observer, Oxford Democrat David Young
Maine Fayette Early Vital Records of Fayette
F29.F25 U5 1956 Fayette History of Fayette, Maine Joseph H. Underwood
Maine Fayette Index to the History of Fayette, Maine Joseph H. Underwood
Maine Frankfort See:  Frankfort Marriages   See:  Downeast Anc. 10:4, 60, 10, 141; 11:10, 61
F27.F8 T8 1975 Franklin Co. Report Of Turner's Franklin Co. Directory 1899 Towns: Farmington Chesterville, Eustis, Jay, Kingfield, Madrid, Phillips, Rangeley, Salem, Strong, Temple, Weld & Wilton, Avon, Carthage, Freeman
Maine Freeport Selected Vital Records
Maine Friendship See:  Friendship, Maine.  See:  Medumcook, Maine.
Maine Gardiner History of Gardiner, Pittston and West Gardiner, ME (Genealogy Section)
Maine Gardiner See:  Deaths See:  Downeast Anc.  11:148
Maine Georgetown Georgetown Tide
Maine Gorham Vital records of Gorham
F29.G77 H54 1978 Gray History, records and recollections of Gray, Maine George T. Hill
Maine Greene History of Greene, Maine
Maine Hallowell See:  Diary of Martha Ballard 1785-1812 filed in general section
Maine Hampden See:  Marriage Records of non-residents  See:  Downeast Anc. 10:52, 92, 134
Maine Harpwswell See:  Brunswick
Maine Harrison Early Records of Harrison
Maine Hermon Hermon Roots News
F29.H5 B76 1983 Hermon Inscriptions of Cemeteries in Hermon, Maine Thelma Eye Brooks
Maine Hinckley Hinckley Township, or Grand Lake Stream Plantation Minnie Atkinson
Maine Hiram See:  Hiram Settlers See:  Downeast Anc.  10:171
Maine Holden See:  Brewer, Maine
Maine Hollowell Vital Records
Maine Isleboro History of Isleborough
Maine Islesboro Genealogical Sketches of Families of Islesborough
Maine Jay History of Jay, 1912; Early Vital Records of Jay
Maine Jefferson Vital Records of Jefferson, ME 
Maine Kennebec Fort Western Dispatch, News of the Fort Western Museum on the Kennebec
Maine Kennebec Kennebec Proprietor
Maine Kennebec See: History of Wells & Kennebec
Maine Kennebec See:  Index of Selected Obituaries 1825-1855 for Kennebec Journal, Oxford Observer & Oxford Democrat
Maine Kennebec Co. See:  Part of Kennebec Co., Maine in 1800  
Maine Kennebunk History of York Co., Maine, Kennebunk
Maine Kennebunk Port History of Kennebunk Port (Maine) 1602-1837 Charles Bradbury
Maine Kennebunk Port History of York, Co., ME Kennebunkport
Maine Kittery Old Kittery 1647-1947
Maine Kittery Old Kittery and her Families Everett S. Stackpole
F29.K6 V58 1991 Kittery Vital Records of Kittery, Maine to the year 1892
Maine Lebanon Soldiers of the American Revolution, Lebanan (Maine) George Walter Chamberlain
Maine Lebanon Vital Records of Lebanon
Maine Lee Story of Old NE Towns--History of Lee
Maine Leeds History of Leeds J. C. Stinchfield
Maine Leeds History of the Town of Leeds, Androscoggin Co., Maine from its Settlement June 10, 1796 J. C. Stinchfield
Maine Lewiston History of Lewiston, Maine with Genealogical Register of Early Families Gen.
F27.L53 H5 1975 Liberty History of Liberty, ME
Maine Limington History of Limington
Maine Lincoln Mattanawcook Observer, A Magazine of Local History and Genealogy
Maine Lincoln Co. History of Lincoln, ME
F27.L7 P76 1991 Lincoln Co. Lincoln Co., ME Probate Records to 1800
Maine Lincoln Co. See:  Lincoln Co., Maine, Petitions.  See:  Gen. Advertiser 3:1
Maine Lubec See:  Inhabitants of Lubec in 1811 See:  Downeast Anc. 10:46, 102, 128
Maine Lyman Vital Records of Lyman
Maine Machias Earliest Records of Machias
Maine Machias History of Machias Maine Geo. W. Drisko
Maine Machias Machias Genealogies
Maine Machias Machias, Maine, Marriages 1767-1827 Danbury House Books
Maine Maysville Selected Letters of Veranes Chandler to his son Alden Chandler revealing life and the times in Maysville and Presque Isle in the 1870's Alden Lancaster, transcriber
Maine Medumcook See:  Medumcook (Friendship) Maine, U.S. Direct Tax.  See:  Gen. Advertiser 4:150
Maine Monhegan Monhegan Press  
Maine Monhegan Island Monhegan Island Yesterday and Today (in Maine Islands notebook) Ade Mersfelder
Maine Mount Desert Island Story of Mount Desert Island, Maine Samuel Eliot Morison
F27.M9 V58 1990 Mount Desert Island Vital Records of Mount Desert Island, Maine & Nearby Islands, 1776-1820 Alice MacDonald Long, ed.
Maine Newcastle See:  Sheepscot
Maine Nobleborough Nobleborough Marriages 1796 - 1820
Maine Nobleborough See:  Nobleborough, Maine. U.S. Direct Tax.  See:  Gen. Advertiser 4:148.
Maine Norridgewock See:  Records from the History of Norridgewock --  See:  Maine Book I
Maine North Livermore Waters Hill Cemetery
F29.N8 W6 1924 Norway History of Norway, ME (Genealogical Section)
Maine Orono See:  Tax and Census Records of Orono  See:  Downeast Anc. 10:86
Maine Orrington See:  Brewer, Maine
Maine Orrington See:  Marriages filed in notebook
Maine Oxford  Annuals of Oxford
Maine Oxford See:  Index of Selected Obituaries 1825-1855 for Kennebec Journal, Oxford Observer & Oxford Democrat 
Maine Oxford Co. 1820 Oxford Co. Census (See microfilm #  )
Maine Oxford Co. History of Norway, ME to 1922 Charles Whitman
Maine Oxford Co. Vital Records of Lovell
F27.K2 L86 1970 Palermo Kennebec County Cemeteries Maine--Palermo and Vicinity (which is in Waldo Co.) Gertrude Lundberg, comp.
F29.P37 H5 1981 Parsonsfield History of Parsonsfield 1771 - 1888
Maine Parsonsfield Vital Records of Parsonsfield, ME
Maine Passadumkeag See:  Gravestones 1 p. in notebook
Maine Pemaquid Ancient Pemaquid Thayer, Rev. Henry O. Thayer
Maine Penobscot Death Records from Penobscot, Maine
Maine Penobscot Marriages
Maine Penobscot See:  Family Records in notebook
Maine Penobscot See:  Family Records on the Town Books prior to 1875 and Vital Statistics copied from the Town Records of Penobscot
Maine Penobscot Co. Centennial Celebration of the Settlement of Bangor, Sept. 30, 1869
Maine Penobscot Co. History of Jarvis Gore and Clifton Evelyn Gray Huckins
Maine Penobscot Co. History of the Bible Baptist Church of the Lincolns Marion Kimball
Maine Peru Families of Peru, Maine
Maine Pittston See:  Gardiner 
Maine Pittston See:  Pittston Deaths  See:  Downeast Anc. 11:148
F29.P8 T4 1957 Porter History of Porter (Maine) William Teg
Maine Portland 1790 Census
Maine Portland 1977 Phone book
Maine Portland 2nd Congregational Church Records
F29.P9 M8 1926 Portland Portland by the Sea
F29.P9 J738 1987 Portland Portland, ME, Burial Rec. of Eastern Cemetery 1717 - 1962
F29.P9 J74 1987 Portland Portland, ME, Burial Rec. of Western Cemetery 1811 - 1980
Maine Portland Revolutionary War Pensions
Maine Presque Isle See:  Diary of Bion B. Lancaster
Maine Presque Isle See:  Maysville
Maine Rockport See:  History of Camden and Rockport ME
Maine Saco History of Saco and Biddeford
Maine Saco Marriage Intention
Maine Saco Records of Saco & Biddeford, Maine
Maine Sagadahoc Co. Vital Records of Georgetown, ME Vol. I Births, Marriages A & B to Year 1892
Maine Sanford History of Sanford 1661 - 1900 Edwin Emery
Maine Scarboro Marriages, 2nd Cong. Ch. Scarboro, ME 1729-1800
Maine Scarboro Town Records
Maine Sheepscot History of Ancient Sheepscot and Newcastle
Maine Skowhegan Skowhegan on the Kennebec Louise Helen Coburn
Maine Sorrento See:  Sullivan and Sorrento
Maine Springfield Days Before Yesterday in Springfield, Maine 1834-1984 Leona Thornton Brown & Frances S. Webster
Maine St. George See:  St. George, Marriages of non-residents -- See:  Downeast Anc. 10:91 
Maine Standish Early Families of Standish, ME Albert Sears
Maine Sullivan Sullivan and Sorento Since 1760 Lelia A. Clark Johnson
Maine Topsham See:  Brunswick
Maine Topsham Vital Records of Topsham ME
Maine Turner History of Turner, ME, Bicentennial Edition
F29.U5 S5 1970 Union History of Union, Maine Sibley
F29.U67 H49 1973 Upton History of Upton, Maine Charles Errol Heywood
Maine Vassalboro Vital Records of Vassalboro, ME
Maine Vassalborough History of Vassalborough, Maine Alma Pierce Robbins
F29.B5 B5 v.1 Waldo Co. Vital Records of Belfast ME to year 1892, Vol. I Births
Maine Waldoboro See:  Waldoboro German Names in the War of 1812  See:  Downeast Anc. 10:48
Maine Waldoboro See:  Waldoborough, Maine, U.S. Direct Tax, 1798.  See:  Gen. Advertiser 3:1166; 4:43, 147.
Maine Waldoboro Vital Records 1773
F29.W2 E2 1988a Warren Annals of Warren, Maine
F29.W2 W21 1985 Warren Warren Cemeteries 1735 - 1985
Maine Washington Co. 1820 Census of Washington Co. (microfilm #  )
Maine Washington Co. Weirs & Woods Washington County Genealogical Society
Maine Waterborough Vital Records of Waterborough, Maine
Maine Waterville Centennial History of Waterville, Kennebec Co. Maine Rev. Edwin C. Whittemore, ed.
Maine Wells History of Wells and Kennebunk . . with Biographical Sketches Edward E. Bourne
Maine Wells See:  Church Records, Wells, Main 1753-1819 in file folder
Maine West Gardiner See:  Gardiner
Maine Westbrook See:  Legal file folder
Maine Williamsburg Vital Records of Williamsburg
Maine Windham Records of the First Church of Christ (Congregational) Windham, Maine
Maine Windham Sketches of the History of Windham, Maine 1734-1935 Frederick Howard Dole
Maine Windham Vital Records
Maine Windham Windham, 1976.  Bicentennial Issue
Maine Winslow Vital Records Records of Winslow to the year 1892. (Births, Marriages & Deaths)
Maine Winthrop History of Winthrop
Maine Winthrop Revolutionary War Soldiers
Maine Wiscasset See:  Six New England Villages (New England)
Maine York Co. Burial Inscriptions and other Data of Burials in Berwick, York Co., Maine to year 1922 Spencer, Wilbur, comp.
F29.Y6 B28 1931 v.2 York Co. History of York, ME aka Bristol 1632, Agamenticus 1641, Gorgeana 1642 & York 1652 Vol. II Banks
Maine York Co. Records of York County, Maine
Maine York Co. Revolutionary War Soldiers
Maine York Co. York Co. Marriage Returns

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