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Location Sub-location Title Author/Comp./Editor
England 1066 and All That (England) W. C. Seller and R. J. Yeatman 
England 17th Century Immigration to North America from Great Britain & Ireland
England 1851 Census Index Series East of London Fam. Hist. Soc.
England 1915 List of Voters for township of South Walsingham
England 1988 Ordnance Survey of Great Britain
England American Story in England Eric Rayner
England American Wills & Administrations in Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1610-1857 Vol. II P. Wilson-Coldham
England America's England M. V. Hughes
England Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists 7th Ed. Weis
England Ancestral Roots of Sixty Colonists Who Came to New England Between 1623 - 1650. 6th Edition
England Army of the Sutlej 1845-6 Casualty Roll
England Atlas of British History Martin Gilbert
England Big Road Atlas of Britian
England Bishops' Transcripts and Marriage Licenses, Bonds and Allegations.  2nd Ed.
England Book of British Towns
England Brasses and Brass Rubbing Beedell, Suzanne
England British Genealogy & Heraldry Catalog #221
England Catalogue of British Family Histories T. R. Thomson
England County Records Emmison & Gray 
England Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames with Special American Instances (in rare book case) Charles Wareing Bardsley
England Discovering Britain and Ireland
England Discovering Church Architecture (England) 
England Discovering English Architecture 
England Discovering Epitaphs   Geoffrey N. Wright
England Discovering Local History
England Domesday Book:  England's Heritage, Then and Now Thomas Hinde, ed.
England Domesday; A Search for the Roots of England Michael Wood
England Doomsday Book Hindle
England Doomsday Geography of Southwest England Darby
England Dormant & Extinct Peerages Burke
England Electorial Registers since 1832 & Burgess Rolls 2nd ed. Jeremy Gibson & Colin Rogers
England English Ancestry Sir Arthur R. Wagner
England English Cities & Small Towns John Betjeman
England English Families of Cropper Cubbam & Wolsey
England English Origins of Some New England Settlers (In general notebook) Arthur D. Fiske
England English Prelude Marg. Allis
England Essex Family Historian 
England Falaise Roll, recording prominent companies of William, Duke of Normandy at the Conquest of England
England Fragmenta Genealogica, Vol. 1 & 2 Crisp, Frederick Arthur
England Gazetteer of England (In a 3-ring binder)
England Genealogical Atlas of England and Wales Gardner, David E. et al.
England Genealogical Gleanings in England Vol. 1 & 2 Waters
England Genealogical Research in England and Wales Vol. 1, 2, 3 David Gardner & Frank Smith
England Hamwood Papers of the Ladies of Llangollen and Caroline Hamilton G. H. Bell, ed.
England Handy Book of Parish Law (The)(filed in box of pamphlets) W. A. Holdsworth 
England Handy Tips to Your Genealogical Research in England & Wales Everton Publishers
England History of the English Church and People Bede
England Honourable Society of Gray's Inn Masters of the Bench
England How to Locate and Use Manorial Records Patrick Palgrave-Moore
England Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales, Vol. 5 & 6 John Marius Wilson
England In the Steps of the Pilgrims Sidney Heath
England Index to the Wills Proved in the PrerogativeCourt of Canterbury 1750-1800, Vol. 1 A-Bh Camp, Anthony J.
England Index to the Wills Proved in the PrerogativeCourt of Canterbury 1750-1800, Vol. 2 Bi-Ce Camp, Anthony J.
England Index to the Wills Proved in the PrerogativeCourt of Canterbury 1750-1800, Vol. 3 Ch-G Camp, Anthony J.
England Jacobite Peerage, Baronetage, Knightage & Grants of Honour Melville Henry Massue Marquis de Ruvingny & Raineval
England Land and Window Tax Assessments Jeremy Gibson, et al.
England Last of the Old Hanse Johnson
England Life of King Edward who rests as Westminster Frank Barlow, ed. 
England Lookaround Sedbergh and District Newsletter
England Magna Charta Barons and Their Descendants Charles H. Browning 
England Magna Charta Series, Parts I thru VIII (See microfilm roll #22) John S. Wurts
England Magna Charta Sureties, 1215 3rd 
England Monumental Brasses H. Divitt
England Monumental Inscriptions in the Library of Society of Genealogist, Pt. 1 Southern England
England Official Baronage of England, 1886. 3 Vol.
England Old Title Deeds N. W. Alcock
England Origins of Some Anglo-norman Families Lewis Loyd 
England Parish Register Copies in the Library of Society of Genealogists
England Pictorial History of Cambridge Louis T. Stanley
England Population Movements During the Industrial Revolution in England And Wales
England Pre-1841 Censuses & Population Listings in the British Isles Chapman
England Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1558-1583 S. A. Smith, MD
England Retrospections of Dorothea Herbert 1789-1806
England Robin Hood, Rob Roy, Madox Discovered America?  Dover Copy of Magna Charta. (See microfilm roll #24)
England Sedbergh and District History Society Newsletter
England Sedbergh Historian
England See: 1998 Maryland/Kentucky Reunion Surname Index***
England See:  Cumbria--the Lake District
England See:  Emigrants from England 1773-1776 (See microfilm roll #7)
England See:  Homes of Family Names in Great Britain (See microfilm roll #14
England See:  Memoir of General Sir William Erskine Baker, K. C. B. 
England See:  The North of England 
England Select Documents for Queen Anne's Reign 1702-07 Trevelyan
England Shell Book of English Villages Hadfield, John
England Story of the Shire; Being the Lore, History and Evolution of English County Institutions
England Survey Gazetteer of the British Isles, 9th ed. rpt. John Bartholomew
England Visitations of England and Wales Vol. 10, ed. J. J. Howard
England Wills before 1858 McLaughlin
England Wives & Property:  Reform of the Married Women's Property Law in 19th Century England Lee Holcombe
England Woman's Domain:  Women & the English Country House
England *Guide Glossary of Household, Farming and Trade Terms from Probate Inventories*** Milward, Rosemary
England *Guide Simplified Guide to Marriage, Census & Other Indexes in Great Britain, 2nd Ed. JSW Gibson, comp.
England *Guide Simplified Guide to Probate Jurisdictions:  Where to Look for Wills in Great Britain & Ireland, 3rd Ed. JSW Gibson, comp.
England *Guide Simplified Guide to Record Offices in England and Wales:  How to Find Them, 3rd ed. J.S.W. Gibson and Pamela Peskett, comp.
England *Guide Simplified Guilde to Probate Jurisdictions, 3rd Ed. JSW Gibson, comp.
England *Guide St. Catherine's House:  A McLaughlin Guide
England *Guide Tracing Your Ancestors in the Public Record Office
England *Guide Unpublished Personal Name Indexes in Records Offices & Libraries: An Interim List.(Filed in general small pamphlet box) J.S.W. Gibson, comp.
England *Guide Was Your Grandfather a Railwayman? Tom Richards
England *periodical British Heritage
England *periodical Catholic Ancestor
England *periodical Family History News & Digest
England *periodical Family Tree Magazine
England *periodical In Britain
England *periodical International Society for British Genealogy & Family History
England *Royalty Alfred the Great Thomas Hughes
England *Royalty American Ancestors and Cousins of the Princess of Wales Gary Boyd Roberts
England *Royalty American Colonists who Have Royal Connections
England *Royalty Ancestors of Royal Families of Great Britian. Vol. I and II Mary and Bill Eberle, comp.
England *Royalty Castles of Britain Cormack
England *Royalty Castles of Edward the First in Wales Humphries
England *Royalty Courts of Europe, Politics, Patronage and Royalty 1400-1800 A. G. Dickens, ed.
England *Royalty Courts of Europe, Politics, Patronage and Royalty 1400-1800 A. G. Dickens, ed.
England *Royalty Kingdoms of Europe: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ruling Monarchs from Ancient Times to the Present Gene Curney
England *Royalty Kingdoms of Europe: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Ruling Monarchs from Ancient Times to the Present Gene Curney
England *Royalty Kings & Queens Allen Palmer
England *Royalty Kings & Queens of England Murrey
England *Royalty Kings & Queens of England and Great Britain Erick Delderfield, Editor
England *Royalty Kings & Queens of Great Britain Chart
England *Royalty Kings and Queens of Great Britain John Brooke-Little, ed.
England *Royalty Last Courts of Europe: A Royal Family Albun 1860-1914, 1981
England *Royalty Last Courts of Europe: A Royal Family Albun 1860-1914, 1981
England *Royalty Life of King Edward who rests at Westminster
England *Royalty Magna Charta King John & the Barons A. Bye
England *Royalty Norman Race (The)  pp. 297-330
England *Royalty Plantagenet Ancestry W. H. Turton
England *Royalty Plantagenet Chronicles Hallam
England *Royalty Plantagenets Harvey
England *Royalty Royal Ancestors of Some L.D.S. Families Michael L. Call
England *Royalty Royal Ancestors of Some L.D.S. Families, Supplement E Michael L. Call
England *Royalty Royal Bastards of Medieval England Given-Wilson
England *Royalty Royal Highness: Ancestry of the Royal Child Sir Iain Moncreiffe of that Ilk, BT
England *Royalty Royal Line of Succession Montague-Smith
England *Royalty Royal Wedding Album of Princess Anne
England *Royalty Royal Wedding Album of Sarah & Andrew
England *Royalty Royalty for Commoners Stuart, Roderick W.
England *Royalty Saxon & Norman Kings Christopher Brooke
England *Royalty See:  ImmigrantstoNewEnglandforWhomRoyalDescentHasBeenProved..."NEH&GRVol.CXLI,April1987,pp.92-107" Gary Boyd Roberts
England *Royalty War of the Roses Elizabeth Hallam, ed.
England *Royalty Year in the Life of the Royal Family
England *Tour Bartholomew's Gazetteer of Britain
England *Tour Country Inns & Historic Hotels of Great Britain O'Reilly
England *Tour Crown Jewels of England (In Notebook)
England *Tour Glastonbury Abbey
England *Tour Guide to Touring in Britain 
England *Tour National Trust Guide 3rd Ed.
England *Tour Newnes Motorists Touring Maps & Gazetteer of British Isles
England *Tour Shell Guide to England (The) Handfield
England *Tour Short Walks in English Towns B. Frank 
England *Tour Touring England, Road Atlas, Illustrated Motor Tours Town 
England *Tour Touring Guide to Britain Reader's Digest
England *Tour Travel Maps of Britain (Road Atlas)
England *Tour West Minster Abby Official Guide
England Bedfordshire Bedfordshire Hist. Rec. Soc. Vol. 70 Bedfordshire Clock & Watchmakers 1352-1880
England Bedfordshire Bedfordshire Hist. Rec. Soc.:  Vol. 5; Vol. 71 Bedfordshire Muster List 1539-1831
England Bedfordshire Old Map of Bedfordshire 1610
England Berkshire Church & Village:  Social Hist. of St. Peter's, Grayton, Berkshire L. K. M. Bonny.  
England Berkshire Finding Your Family:  A Genealogist's Guide to the Berkshire Record Office Thorp, Jennifer
England Bristol Journal of Bristol and Avon Family History
England Buckinghamshire Registers of Stewkeley, Buckinghamshire, 1545 - 1653
England Cambridge Ely Diocesan Registry Admin. Licences, etc. 1611-1620 Peck, S. Allyn
England Cambridge Parish Registers Vol. 5 Marriages
England Cambridgeshire Journal of Cambridgeshire History Society
England *census Pre-1841 Censuses & Population Listings in the British Isles Colin R. Chapman
England Cheshire Family History Society of Cheshire
England Cheshire North Cheshire Family Historian
England Cheshire Parish Registers Marriages 1591-1812 Vol. I
England Cheshire See:  England Notebook
England Cheshire See:  Lancashire & Cheshire Records Part I Vol. 7 & Part II Vol. 8 (filed in Lancashire)
England Cheshire Co. Stockport Probate Records 1620-1650 Phillips & Smith, eds. 
England Chester Perambulation of the Hundred of Wirral Harold E. Young
England Chester See:  History and Desription of Town and Parish of Ashton-Under-Lyne ....Village of Dunkinfield
England Cornwall See:  Devon and Cornwall Notes & Queries
England Cornwall See:  Doomsday Geography of SW England in general
England Cumbria Cumbria Family History Society
England Devon Devon and Cornwall Notes and Queries
England Devon Devon Family Historian
England Devonshire Devon Monastic Lands:  Calendar of Particulars for Grants 1536-1558 Joyce Youings, ed.
England Devonshire Guide to the Parish & Non-parochial Registers of Devon & Cornwall 1538-1837 Hugh Pekset, comp.
England Devonshire See:  Doomsday Geography of SW England in general
England Doncaster Doncaster Ancester
England Dorset Dorset Place Names:  Their Origins & Meanings A. D. Mills
England Dorset Parish Registers Marriages Vols. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 Phillmore, ed.
England Dorset See:  Doomsday Geography of SW England in general
England Ely Index of the Probate Records of Court of Archdeacon of Ely, 1513-1857 Thurley
England Essex Elizabethan Essex Essex Record Office
England Essex Essex Marcus Crouch
England Essex Essex Family Historian
England Essex Essex in History Kenneth Neale
England Essex Essex Wills, The Archdeaconry Courts 1565 - 1584 (Vols. 2-4)
England Essex Essex Worthies Addison
England Essex Family Historian
England Essex History of Braintree & Bocking
England Essex Medieval Essex Essex Record Office
England Essex Olde Map of Essex John Speede
England Essex Visitations of Essex. London, 1878
England Essex Essex: London's North Sea Neighbour Mee, Arthur
England Gloucestershire Handlist of the Contents of the Cloucestershire Record Office Kingsley, N. W.
England Hampshire Index to 1851 Hampshire Genealogy Society, Vol. 34
England Hampshire Warblington Church
England Harleston See:  Parish of Redenhall w/ Harleston & Wortwell:  Church Guide Book
England Havering 1851 Census Index Series Havering/Romford
England Herefordshire Registers of Habberly Parish, Diocese of Hereford 1670 - 1822
England Herefordshire Registers of Stoke St. Milborough, Diocese of Hereford, 1654 - 1839
England Hyde History of Hyde & Its Neighborhood Middleton
England Isle of Man Monumental Inscriptions
England Kent Archaelogia Cantiana:  Being transactions of Kent Archaeological Society
England Kent Archaeologia Cantiana:  Being Transactions of the Kent Arch. Soc. Vol. XL, XLI, XLIII, XLIIL, 
England Kent Cranbrook England a Wealden Town
England Kent Cranbrook Wills 1396-1640
England Kent Family History Society Journal
England Kent Kentish Connection
England Kent Northwest Kent Family History
England Kent Parish Register & Records in Diocese of Rochester
England Kent Place Names of Kent Judith Gover  
England Kent St. George's-Gr. Bromley England:  Some Vital Records (in a notebook)
England Lancashire Basic Facts About Family History Research in Lancashire(filed in general notebook) Rita Hirst
England Lancashire Handbook: A Guide to Genealogical Sources Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society
England Lancashire Lancashire and Cheshire Records Part I Vol. 7 & Part II Vol. 8
England Lancashire Lancashire Inquisitions. Stuart Period Part II Vol. 16, 1887
England Lancashire Lancashire's Old Families Jessica Lofthouse
England Lancashire Manchester Genealogist: Journal of the Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society
England Lancashire Parish Registers of Melling Chapel, 1603 - 1812, In the Parish of Halsall, Lancashire
England Lancashire Registers of:  Childwell, Lancashire, 1557 - 1680
England Lancashire Registers of:  Foroby Chapel, Lancashire, 1620 - 1780
England Lancashire Registers of:  West Derby, Lancashire, 1688 - 1837
England Lancaster History and Descendants of Town & Parish of Ashton-Under-Lyne and Village of Dunkinfield James Butterworth
England Lancaster Co. Liverpool Family Historian  (filed in England general notebook)
England Leicester Old Evington Wilshere
England Leicester Ordiance Survey of England & Wales for Leicester
England Leicester Parish Register Transcripts of Kirby Muxloe, Co. Leicester, Vol. II, 1703 - 1837
England Leicester Short History of Leicester Markets & Farms Green
England Leicestershire Leicestershire Parish Registers Marriages Vol. 9 & 10
England Lincolnshire History of Kirton-In-Lindsey H. A. Fisher
England Lincolnshire Journal of Lincolnshire Methodist Hist. Soc.
England Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Dialects Campion
England Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Family Historian
England Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Past and Present
England Liverpool Liverpool Family Historian
England London Above London Camerson & Cooke
England London American Wills Proved in London 1611-1775 Peter W. Coldham
England London Cockney Ancestor
England London East of London Family History
England London Guide to Genealogical Sources in Guildhall Library. 2nd Ed. 1979
England London Guide to the London Collections, 1978
England London List of Wills, Admin. etc. in Public Record Office of London, England, 12th-19th Century
England London Lists of Londoners Gibson & Creaton
England London London Sidney Dark
England London London & Middlesex Gen. Directory 1980
England London London Cemeteries Guide & Gazatteer
England London London Churchbooks and the German Emigration of 1709 John P. Dern
England London London Directory, 1783
England London London in Plague & Fire 1665-1666 Roland Bartel, ed.
England London Old Churches of London G. Cobb
England London Records of the Honorable Society of Lincoln's Inn.  The Black Books Vol. IV from AD 1776 to AD 1845
England London St. Paul's Cathedral Ewin
England London Trans. of Register of Parishes of St. Mary Woolnoth & St. Mary Woolchurch of City of London 1538-1760
England London Tower of London Ministry of Public Building & Works
England Newcastle Newcastle and Hunter District Historical Society
England Norfolk Attleborough Parish Register 1552-1850 Palgrave-Moore, ed.; trans. by Sanderson
England Norfolk Country Parson:  James Woodforde's Diary 1759-1802
England Norfolk Freemen of Norwich 1548-1713 Milligan
England Norfolk Heyday of Their Strength:  Immigrants from Hingham, Norfolk to New World in the 17th Century 
England Norfolk Notes on the Parish of Redenhall with Harleston Charles Candler
England Norfolk White's 1845 Norfolk History, Gaz. & Directory
England Northamptonshire Footprints
England Northamptonshire Northampton Militia Lists 1777 Hatley
England Norwich Marriages Recorded in Register of Sacrist of Cathedral Church of Norwich 1697-1754
England Nottinghamshire Nottingham Watch and Ward Substitutes Books November 1816-Mary 1817 Nottinghamshire Family History Society
England Nottinghamshire Nottinghamshire Family History Soc. 1871 Census Surname Index, Vol. 68
England Nottinghamshire Nottinghamshire Family History Soc. Records Series Vol. 84 Marriage Index up to 1699:  Vol. E to K, L to Q, and R & S
England Nottinghamshire Nottinghamshire Marriage Licenses Vol. II. Blagg, ed.  Archdeaconry Court 1701-1753 Peculiar of Southwell 1755-1853. 1935
England Nottinghamshire Nottinghamshire, England East Retford Registration Disctrict 1881 Census Index Rosemary Jones
England Oxford Oxford Book of Royal Anecdotes
England Oxford Oxford, the City & University
England Oxfordshire Index to Oxfordshire Census 1851:  Vol. 1 Henley; Vol. 2 Brackley, Bealfield; Vol. 3 Wallingford; Vol. 5 Bicester; Vol. 7 Witney
England Oxfordshire Oxfordshire Family Historian
England Oxfordshire Stokenchurch in Perspective
England Peterborough Peterborough Family Hist. Society Journal Members Interest Directory 1991
England Shropshire English Parish Records: Shropshire (General & St. Asaph Diocese) Ancestry.com
England Shropshire English Parish Records: Shropshire (Lichfield Diocese) Ancestry.com
England Shropshire First Crusade Runciman
England Shropshire Olde Map of Shropshire John Speede
England Shropshire Shropshire Family Historian
England Shropshire Shropshire Parish Record Society Hereford
England Shropshire Shropshire Parish Registers, Vol. 2 (Non-parochial registers) (filed in notebook)
England Shropshire Shropshire Parish Registers, Vol. 8, Diocese of Lichfield. (filed in notebook)
England Somerset History of Chew Magna, Somerset, England
England Somerset Somerset House Wills from 1858(filed in general England small pamphlet box) McLaughlin
England Somerset Somerset Parish Registers, Vol. 2,  Marriages
England Somerset The Greenwood Tree/ journal of the Somerset and Dorset Family History Society
England Sommerset See:  Doomsday Geography of SW England in general
England Staffordshire Beresford of Beresford, Part 1:  A History of the Manor of Beresford Rev. William Beresford
England Staffordshire Registers of Church of St. Mary, Handsworth, Staffordshire
England Suffolk Annals of Ipswche:  The Lawes Customes and Government out of ye Records Bookes and Writings of that Towne Nathanial Baco
England Suffolk Bury St. Edmunds:  Historic Town Elsie McCutcheon
England Suffolk County Church Suffolk Vol. I Western Division, Vol. II East Suffolk Bryant
England Suffolk Cratfield Parish Papers Rev. Holland
England Suffolk Ickworth Parish Registers 1566-1890
England Suffolk Metfield Parish Reg. in Suffolk:  Bapt 1559-1881; Marriages 1832-1920; Burials 1559-1888
England Suffolk Suffolk Churches, A Pocket Guide
England Suffolk Suffolk Roots
England Suffolk Visitations of Suffolk Walter C. Metcalfe, ed.
England Suffolk Wills from the Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Vol. 1--1629, 1636; Vol. 2--1637 - 1640
England Surrey Birmingham & Midland Soc. of Gen. & Heraldry
England Surrey County Church Surrey J. E. Morris
England Surrey History of Surrey 5 vols. Aubrey
England Surrey Index to Surrey Wills, 1752-1858
England Surrey Parish Register of Richmond, Vol. I 1583-1720;  Vol. II of Godalming 1582-1688;  Vol. III of Richmond 1720-1780;  Vol. IV of Farleigh, Tatsfield, Wanborough and Woldingham;  Vol. V of Addington, Chelsham, Worlingham;  Vol. VI of Gotton & Sanderstead;  V
England Surrey Surrey Archeological Collections Vols. 24, 51 and 67
England Sussex Sussex Family Historian
England Sussex Town Records, Chichester West, John
England Warwick Visitation of the County of Warwick
England Warwick Warwick Castle
England Warwickshire Parish Register Vol. 3 Marriages
England Warwickshire Ripples from Warwickshire's Past Paul Bolitho
England Warwickshire Sussex Arch. Collection:  History of the County Warwickshire
England Warwickshire Warwickshire Parish Register of Tysoe (TheValeoftheRedHorse")" Ashby
England Warwickshire White's History and Gazetteer of Warwickshire, 1874 
England West Surrey Index of Surnames in 1851 Census of West Surrey
England West Surrey Root and Branch
England Wiltshire See:  Doomsday Geography of SW England in general
England Wortwell See:  Parish of Redenhall w/ Harleston & Wortwell:  Church Guide Book
England Yorkshire 1909 Vol. XIII Part II Publications of the Chroesly Society:  Leeds Parkish Registers 1713-1722 Baptisms & Marriages 1707-1722 Burials
England Yorkshire Broughton Road Baptist Church Melksham (A Short Hist.)
England Yorkshire Dalesmen


England Yorkshire English Parish Records: Yorkshire (Ainsty & City of York) Ancestry.com
England Yorkshire History of Kirby Underdale Shepherd
England Yorkshire Olde Map of Yorkshire John Speede
England Yorkshire Outstanding Chruches in the Yorkshire Dales
England Yorkshire Parish Register of Gisburne, Yorkshire, Pt. 2, 1745-1812
England Yorkshire Parish Registers of St. Martin, Coney St., Yorkshire 1557-1812
England Yorkshire Records of King Edward's School Birmingham, Vol. 3 ed. Carter
England Yorkshire Registers of Heptonstall, Yorkshire 1599 - 1653
England Yorkshire Registers of Lythe, Yorkshire, Vol. 1, 2, 3, 1619 - 1768
England Yorkshire Registers of Terrington, Yorkshire 1599 - 1812
England Yorkshire Registry of Edgbaston Parish Church 1636-1812; Marriages 1754-1812
England Yorkshire Sheffield--Descriptive Cat. of Charter, Rolls, & Deeds, etc. (Wheat Collection) 1920
England Yorkshire Sheffield--Descriptive Cat. of Charters, Rolls, Deeds, Pedigrees, Pamphlets, etc. (Jackson Collection) 1914
England Yorkshire Sheffield--Parish Reg. of Sheffield:  Burials 1560-1634; Bapt. & Marriages 1635-1653 Walter Hall

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