District of Columbia

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Location Sub-location Title Author/Comp./Editor
Dist. Of Col. 1820 Census of Washington, DC (See Maryland)
Dist. Of Col. Arlington National Cemetery:  Shrine to America's Heros Peters
Dist. Of Col. District of Columbia Marriages Early to 1825 (microfiche)
Dist. Of Col. District of Columbia Probate Records 1801-1852***
Dist. Of Col. Guide to the Records of Your District of Columbia Ancestors Eleanor M. V. Cook
Dist. Of Col. IGI Dist. Of Columbia 1988 (microfiche)
Dist. Of Col. Lest We Forget (A Guide to Genealogical Research in the Nation's Capitol), 8th ed. 
Dist. Of Col. Marriages Early to 1825 (microfiche)
Dist. Of Col. National Intelligencer & Washington Advertiser Newspaper Abstracts 1800-1805 Dixon
Dist. Of Col. Prologue:  Journal of the National Archives
Dist. Of Col. Register of the Society of Colonial Wars in the District of Columbia, 1967
Dist. Of Col. Research in the District of Columbia***
Dist. Of Col. See:  African American Section:  District of Columbia Free Negro Registers
Dist. Of Col. See:  Discovering Historic America:  Mid-Atlantic States (filed in NY)
Dist. Of Col. See:  Historic Graves of Maryland was Washington DC filed in Maryland
Dist. Of Col. See:  NGSQ 7:33 MarriageLicensesofAlexandriaCo.,VA""
Dist. Of Col. See:  NGSQ 7:40  Burials in Congressional Cemetery, who may have been Revolutionary Veterans 
Dist. Of Col. The Capitol:  A Pictorial History 6th Ed.
Dist. Of Col. Visitors' Guide
Dist. Of Col. WPA Guide to Washington DC
Dist. Of Col. Washington Congressional Directory 69th Congress 2nd Session January 1927

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