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Location Sub-location Title Author/Comp./Editor
Delaware 1790 Reconstructed Census
Delaware 1800 Census of Delaware
Delaware Annals of the Swedes on the Delaware from their first settlement in 1636
Delaware Colonial Delaware Records 1681 - 1713 Bruce A. Bendler
Delaware Colonial Delaware Will and Estates to 1800:  An Index Donald O. Virdin
Delaware Delaware Advertiser 1827 - 1831 Genealogical Abstracts
Delaware Delaware Bible Records (In notebook) 
Delaware Delaware Bible Records, Vol. 1 & 2 Donald O. Virdin
Delaware Delaware Genealogical Research Guide Delaware Gen. Soc. 
Delaware Delaware History
Delaware Delaware Signers of the Oath of Allegiance (in notebook)
Delaware Delaware Sketch Book:  An historical experience Nancy Sawin and Janice Carper
Delaware Duke of York Records 1646 - 1679 (Orig. Land Titles in Delaware)
Delaware Early Bible and Family Records of Delaware:  Delaware Bible Records Vol. 1 & 2
Delaware Historic Landmarks of Delaware and the Eastern Shore: Bicentennial Edition Betty Harrington Macdonald
Delaware History of New Sweden Israel Acrelius
Delaware History of the Baptists in Delaware (in notebook)
Delaware History of the State of Delaware; from earliest settlements to year 1907, Vols. 1-3 Henry Clay Conrad
Delaware Index to 1850 Census of Delaware Virginia Olmsted
Delaware Research Library of Colonial America:  A History of New Sweden 
Delaware See:  Ancestors from the Eastern Heartland filed in PA
Delaware See:  Colonials and Patriots:  Historic Places
Delaware See:  Discovering Historic America:  Mid-Atlantic States (filed in NY)
Delaware See:  Gazetteer of Maryland and Delaware filed in Maryland
Delaware See:  Historic Houses of Early America (filed in reference, houses)
Delaware See:  Huguenot Refugees in Settling of Colonial America 
Delaware See:  This Was Chesapeake Bay
Delaware See:  Virginia Map (S24) with Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia 1864
Delaware Swedish Settlements on the Delaware 1648-1664, Vol. 1 & 2 Amadus Johnson
Delaware CD See:  Heritage Books Archives:  Delaware Bible Records Volumes 1-4 by Donald O. Virdin & Donald M. Hehir
Delaware Hartford Co. Windsor Women in the Revolution
Delaware Kent Co. Duck Creek MM (Friends), Kent Co. (in notebook)
Delaware New Castle Co. Calendar of New Castle Co. Wills, 1682 - 1800
Delaware New Castle Co. Early Church Records of New Castle County, Delaware, Vol. 1 Wright, F. Edward
Delaware New Castle Co. Glasgow  Pencader Presbyterian Church Records
Delaware New Castle Co. Hans Hanson of Red Lyon Hundred
Delaware New Castle Co. Inventory of the County Archives of DE No. 1 New Castle Co.  Delaware Hist. Rec. Survey
Delaware New Castle Co. New Castle County Delaware Land Records 1715-1728 Carol Bryant
Delaware New Castle Co. New Castle on the Delaware New Castle Hist. Soc.
Delaware New Castle Co. Register of Immanuel Church, New Castle
Delaware Sussex Co. Calendar of Sussex Co. Delaware Probate Records 1680 - 1800
Delaware Sussex Co. Land Records of Sussex County 1782-1789
Delaware Sussex Co. Portsville Vital Records (In notebook)
Delaware Sussex Co. Some Records of Sussex County.  Delaware C. H. B. Turner
Delaware Sussex Co. Sussex Co. Delaware Will Book L 1 Jan 1852-24 Feb. 1860. Abs.  Maguerite Moore

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