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Selected resources in the Fiske Genealogical Library...

Location Sub-location Title Author/Comp./Editor
California 1850 Census Index of State of California
California California John W. Caughey
California California Congress of Parents & Teachers 1945-46
California California in '41 Texas in '51 Nicolas Dawson
California California Pioneer Register & Index 1542-1848 (Extracted from the History of California) Hubert Bancroft
California California Times & Trails Joan & Gene Olson
California Conquer & Colonize Donald Briggs
California Fifty-niners (The) Stanley W. Zamonski & Teddy Keller 
California From Frontier to Suburb, the Story of the San Mateo (CA) Peninsula
California Gold Rush Ketchum
California Gold Rush Album Joseph Henry Jackson, ed.
California Northern California Bounty Land Grantees 
California Redlands, Remembrance & Reflection
California San Fernando Valley Gen. Soc.  Gen. Charts
California San Fernando Valley Gen. Soc. Bulletins
California Searching in California: A reference Guide to Public & Private Records Patriia Sanders
California See:  Bible Records from the Pacific Northwest
California See:  Ghost Towns of the Pacific Frontier
California See:  Men of the Pacific Coast
California See:  Overland Journal
California See:  Overland Migrations
California See:  The Report (Ohio) 23:17 OhioansinCalifornia""
California University of Southern California 1923 Senior Class
California Vital Records from Cemeteries in California: Vol. III Northern Counties, Vol. IV Northern and Central Co., Laurel Hill Cemetery, Vol. VI Northern and Central Counties, Vol. VII Northern and Central Counties, Vol. IX Southern Counties DAR of California
California Wheels West Homer Croy
California Who is Who in California, 1958
California *periodical California Mayflower Society of Mayflower Desc. in State of California
California *periodical Polish Genealogical Society of California Bulletin
California *periodical Rabbit Tracks
California *periodical Redwood Researcher
California *periodical Santa Maria Valley Genealogical Society
California *periodical Searcher
California *periodical Valley Quarterly (San Fernando)
California Amador Co. Index to History of Amador Co. CA 
California Berkeley Co. See:  Pioneer Series of the Finnish-American Historical Society of the West Vol. 17 #1
California Fresno 120 Degrees in the Shade (and no Shade) E. L. Chaddock
California Fresno Co. Ash Tree Echo
California Fresno Co. San Fernando Valley Gen Soc. NewsLetter
California Fresno Co. See:  Pioneer Series of the Finnish-American Historical Society of the West Vol. 13, #3
California Humbolt Co. Redwood Researcher
California Kern Co. Story of Kern Co., Calif.
California Los Angeles Co. Frontier Faiths:  Church, Temple & Synagogue in Los Angeles 1846-1888 Michael E. Engh, S.J.
California Los Angeles Co. Los Angeles Blue Book, 1968 Society Register of Southern California
California Los Angeles Co. Santa Monica Bay:  The First 100 Years Fred E. Basten
California Los Angeles Co. Scripps Alumnae Director 2000
California Los Angeles Co. See:  Homes & Gardens of the Pacific Coast 
California Monteray Co. Hisstory of Carmel Graves, Constance Ann
California Orange Co. Orange Co. CA Gen. Soc. Quarterly
California Riverside Co. Genealogical Society of Riverside California
California Sacramento Co. Roots Cellar Preserves
California San Bernardino Co. Guideposts to History:  Concerning Origins of Place & Street Names in San Bernardino Co., CA Elizabeth W. Richards
California San Francisco Co. Our Society Blue Book
California San Francisco Co. Social Register San Francisco 1968
California San Luis Obispo Co. Bulletin of San Luis Obispo Co. CA
California San Luis Obispo Co. History of San Luis Obispo Co. CA 1883
California Siskiyou Co. 1867 Great Register for Siskiyou Co. CA Vol. 3 Dye
California Siskiyou Co. 1892 Great Register for Siskiyou Co. CA Vol. 1 Dye
California Siskiyou Co. Every Name Index to History of Siskiyou Co. CA Vol. 4 Dye
California Siskiyou Co. Siskiyou County, California Harold French
California Sonoma Co. Sonoma County (California) Cemetery Records, 1846-1921, 3rd ed. Sonoma County Genealogical Society, Inc.
California Stanislaus Co. Cemetery Records of Stanislaus Co. CA(See microfilm roll #26) Downey Historical Society
California Trinity Co. Weaverville California phone book 1978

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