The Fiske Notebooks

The Fiske Notebooks were established as an original resource, part of the Library's traditional and strong interest in the preservation of information of genealogical interest. The Fiske Notebooks are uncatalogued, and there are no references to them in our online catalog. In them one will find copies of Arthur Fiske's genealogical research notes, records of births, marriages, and deaths, cemetery inventories, family group sheets, pamphlets, photo copies of articles, photo copies of excerpts from rare books, newsletters, ephemera, and more. Some of the material in these notebooks dates back to the seventeenth century. The notebooks are classfied by geographic location and shelved with other items of the same class in the main collection.

For several years now, the volunteers at the Fiske Library have been making finding aids to the Fiske Notebooks. The finding aids are a precursor to entering the items in the notebooks in to the catalog. These finding aids are located in each notebook at the beginning of the notebook and some finding aids have been published on our website.