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Gary Zimmerman, president of the Fiske Genealogical Library in Madison Park, Seattle, is retiring after more than 20 years, having led the organization into the computer age by overseeing the listing of over 13,000 books, journals and collections into WorldCat, the World’s largest Union Catalog. The Library Board is seeking a person, or a couple, highly interested in genealogy with some experience in leading a non-profit, 501c3, who would enjoy the challenge of leading this financially solvent Library, comfortably housed in Pioneer Hall, into the future. The library has a dependable Board to support the transition and is currently staffed with a Director of Technology, a new Newsletter Editor, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Education and a coterie of dedicated volunteers. Having a new President will provide opportunity to add other additional staffing opportunities, and/or redistribute current responsibilities. Persons interested in helping with vice presidential, management, financial, educational, technological or other Library tasks are also encouraged to join this group of dedicated volunteer genealogists. For these volunteer job descriptions, contact Mary Peters, Search Committee Chair, Fiske Library, 1644 43rd Avenue East, Seattle, WA, 98112-3222; 206 784-4803 The job descriptions for each position are suggestions only. We recognize that a new Board will distribute the duties so that their strengths are used in the best possible way.

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The Fiske Notebooks were established as an original resource, part of the Library's traditional and strong interest in the preservation of information of genealogical interest. The Fiske Notebooks are uncatalogued, and there are no references to them in our online catalog. In them one will find copies of Arthur Fiske's genealogical research notes, records of births, marriages, and deaths, cemetery inventories, family group sheets, pamphlets, photo copies of articles, photo copies of excerpts from rare books, newsletters, ephemera, and more. The notebooks are classfied by geographic location and shelved with other items of the same class in the main collection.

Finding Aids for the archive collections at the Fiske Library available online; for index click here.

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